CASE STUDY- ITP (Sandhya 27Y/F)

A 27-year-old women, resident of Karnataka came to our hospital in the month of June 2018 with a severe condition of ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenia Purpura) complaining of red spots on her hands and face which developed 6 months ago.
On history, the patient presented with complaints of heavy menstrual and nasal bleeding. The routine hematological examinations were done and she was found to have a platelet count of <10000cells/ and was diagnosed to have ITP for which she was managed with steroid injections at Allopathic Hospital. This gave her a symptomatic relief to an extent but the symptoms reappeared and developed other problems like headache, blurringof vision etc., soon after the withdrawal of Allopathic medications. She also took ayurvedic treatment from SDM Ayurveda Hospital, Karnataka. Even after various treatments the platelets dropped down to 7000 cells/
Thereafter, she visited our hospital seeking Ayurvedic cure. She complained of reddish spots and bilateral thigh pain since 6 months. The platelet count was noticed as 10,000 cells/ Since then, she was admitted and managed with treatments like Snehapana,Virechana along with internal medications for a period of 60 days at our hospital. After the course of treatment, she was relieved from the physical symptoms. At the time of discharge platelets had shown a considerable improvement to 60,000. She was adviced to continue internal medications and encouraging results were observed (January 2019-22,000 cells/, June 2019- 70,000cells/ Recently, the patient reported to have an appreciable increase in the platelet count to 1,60,000 cells/

The holistic approach of Ayurveda gives health and peaceful lives to the patients.

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