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Best treatment of Varicose veins is Ayurveda

People suffering with Varicose veins generally get a doubt “Can you reverse varicose veins? “or “can varicose veins be completely cured” 

The answer to such questions is “yes” in the initial stage “First stage” it is very easy to cure varicose veins with some internal medications and external treatments of varicose veins. As the disease progresses in the later stages, nerves become more prominent and the treatment becomes more complex. Majority of the patient start looking out for the ayurvedic treatment for varicose veins mostly in the later stages. In third stage Ulcers start developing due to the obstruction to the blood flow which is not curable completely in most of the cases but with age factor, body’s ability to react to ayurvedic medicine and few other factors in favour of the treatment, it might be possible to cure that as well. 

Which is the best treatment for varicose veins?

When patients visits modern medicine doctors, compression stockings is often the first approach before moving on to other treatments. Though these stockings support the blood flow in safe manner but this obstruction of blood is not good for the surrounding area which is why most of the patients have to move to sclerotherapy, vein Stripping and laser treatment as the final option for the treatment of Varicose veins, Post all these treatments we have seen people feeling numbness and pain to persist whereas the disease reoccurs after sometime. We believe that Ayurveda provides the best treatment for varicose veins in Calicut. 

Let’s explore the option of Ayurvedic treatment of varicose veins!

Can Ayurveda cure varicose veins?

We have treated more than 10000 cases of varicose veins in the past 40 years including 500 successful case of Varicose ulcers with traditional ayurvedic treatments and according to our experience Ayurveda is the best treatment for Varicose Veins which can actually cure varicose veins completely and stop the possibility of reoccurrence. 

What is the varicose veins treatment in Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose veins aim at

  1. Improving the blood circulation, External Therapies are given along with Blood thinning medication to repair valve function so that the blood can be sent back to the heart
  2. Repairing the damage which is cause by dysfunctional vein i.e. weakening of muscle in the body, Loss of sensation etc.
  3. Blood purificatory procedures and medicine are given to detox the blood generated through through the improperly functional valve
  4. Improving the metabolism which will help in purifying the blood faster; better functioning of heart by reducing cholesterol and aiding in the opening of clot formed due to dysfunction of the valve
  5. Collateral circulation will also be improved (Circulation in the nerves and veins around the affected nerves

Panchakarma treatments performed for Varicose Veins

  • Leech Therapy
  • Vasti
  • Lepam
  • Njavara Kizhi prepration with Turmeric Powder
  • Leech Therapy
  • Udvartanam
  • Nadi swedana
  • Siravedha :

These external treatments help in detoxifying the affected site to help aid nutrition while adding support for the blood flow directly at the affected site making it one of the most effective procedure with no side effects 

Helpful herbs for varicose vein treatment

Ayurvedic herbs such as Brahmi, Sudh Guggul, Kaishora Guggulu, Sarivadyasava, Chirabilvadi kashaya, Erandamooladi kashaya, Punarnavashtaka kwatha, Kanchanara Guggul, Nagkesar, Amalaki, Saptsara Kashaya, Ashwagandha, Guduchi and Arjuna are some amazing herbs which can help reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and toning of the vein

Rasa sindoor, kasis bhasma  Rasagandhi maru are the prescribed drug choice in Ayurveda for varicose vein treatment in Kerala. 

Understanding Varicose veins

The main symptom of varicose veins includes very obvious, misshaping veins, particularly on the legs. Such a person may also feel pain, heaviness, swelling, as well as aches in the legs. At times, there may be discoloration, swelling, or ulcers around the ankle area.

Complications associated with Varicose Veins

It is very common these days that a patient is not much aware of the changes in their body which is why we cannot not foresee this disease. We tend to avoid noticing the early signs like mild bulge which leads to complications like ulcers, bleeding, damage to Heart leading to heard diseases, Lumbar disc bulge, and osteoarthritis of knee

Diagnosing Varicose Veins

Ayurvedic approach of diagnosing a disease is very unique and different from modern medicine. An Ayurveda Doctor examines patient and disease both for confirming the diagnosis and status of disease.

  • Examination: The medical personnel will examine the legs and visible veins. You will be expected to sit or stand while the diagnosis is carried out. You may also be asked about the symptoms or pains you are feeling.
  • Ultrasound test: An ultrasound test may be carried out to check the flow of blood. This consist of a non-surgical test that makes use of high-frequency sound waves. This gives the medical personnel a closer look at how the blood in the veins is flowing.
  • Angiogram: An angiogram may also be used to further evaluate the veins. During the angiogram, a special dye will be injected into the legs by the medical practitioner. X-rays are then taken. The dye will be seen on the x-ray, providing the medical personnel a clearer view concerning the flow of blood.

Tests like an angiogram or ultrasound will help to confirm that a blockage or a blood clot is not responsible for the swelling or the pain felt in your legs.

What causes varicose veins in legs

Varicose veins occur when the veins become dilated, enlarged, and clogged with blood, this type of ailment is usually painful and the skin around the area became red or bluish-purple in color which may even appear raised or swollen. 

Our veins consist of one-way valves, which prevent blood from flowing backward. The moment these valves stop functioning properly, blood will start clogging in the vein rather than flowing towards the heart. Since the legs are farthest from the heart it becomes the most easily affected site, once the veins start malfunctioning, blood will find it harder to flow upward. Hence, clogging begins to occur and he veins will become dilated, and enlarged.

Some possible causes for varicose veins are:

  • Chronic heart valve conditions
  • Menopause
  • Pressure along the midsection of the body, particularly the abdomen
  • Obesity – Added body weight increases the pressure on the legs
  • For pregnant ladies, bearing the extra weight during pregnancy
  • Overuse of the veins in activities like By-cycling, walking, standing etc.
  • Hereditary factors

Best diet for patients suffering with varicose veins

Deficiency in certain nutrients can also cause varicose vein. The skin begins to lose its elasticity. As a result of this, individuals are usually encouraged to take a balanced diet that can supply the body with essential nutrients.

These include:

  • Diet rich in lean protein for easier digestion
  • Whole grain millet and wheat, instead of synthetically polished food grains.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. This helps to supply the body with Vitamin C.
  • Consume garlic, ginger, and onion for the proper distribution of the protein.
  • Drink lots of water. This helps to keep the clean and detoxify the body system.

Frequently asked question regarding Varicose veins

Can varicose veins be cured with exercise?

No Exercise cannot cure Varicose veins, it is just a preventive measure to keep the blood circulation good. 

Is Aloe Vera good for varicose veins?

Aloe Vera has laxative property helping in the detoxification of the body supporting the treatment of varicose veins.

Is ginger good for varicose veins?

Ginger due to its anti bacterial property helps in removing the bad bacteria from our body improving the metabolism of the body, this in turn will help increase the immunity of the body which will support the treatment.

Will coconut oil help varicose veins?

Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats thus it is not a good option to include in daily lifestyle if you are suffering for varicose veins.

Does walking help varicose veins?

Walking for long hours is one of the reason for causing varicose veins which means that walking cannot help varicose veins directly but light walking will keep our metabolism functioning better.

Does garlic help varicose veins?

Garlic helps in the digestion process by clearing the indigested food , hence supporting in the treatment.

Does drinking water help varicose veins?

Drinking excess water will also be a problem as it will lead to the dilution of the digestive acid leading to indigestion creating more problems in varicose veins and same are the results for drinking less water.

Is turmeric good for varicose veins?

Turmeric is rich in Anti-oxidants and has anti-bacterial property to supports the treatment of Varicose Veins. 

Note* Do not take general food items as medicine, we were trying to answer your doubts about varicose veins.

If you are suffering from varicose veins and looking for treatment of varicose veins in calicut then contact us with your reports at enquiry@ssanh.com