Leech therapy is based on the Ayurvedic theory

Leeches have been known for having biologically active compounds in their secretions, specifically saliva. Since ancient times, these are used for therapeutic purposes and today used as a remedy for chronic abnormalities, cancer, cardiovascular problems and infectious diseases. The medicinal leeches help patients with the condition of pneumonia. The gastrointestinal tract can also be benefited with leech therapy, especially those suffering from stomach ulcer, hepatitis, etc. Other conditions known to benefit from this treatment are the eyes and the brain.

Effects of Leeches on the Human Body

A leech consists of an anticoagulant chemical called as hirudin. When leeches suck blood, these send out large amounts of impure blood from the body, thus preventing the patient’s blood from coagulating. Once the leech attaches itself to the patient’s skin and starts sucking blood, its saliva enters the body along with other enzymes to give positive effects. Because of its anticoagulation effects, the blood becomes thinner and flows freely through the vessels. Its vasodilating effects help to broaden the vessel walls. If you have the conditions of pain and inflammation, then leech therapy can relive you with the help of anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects of leech saliva. For long run, this therapy helps to regulate the blood pressure level as well as lessen the chances of stroke and heart failure.