Tackling COVID through Ayurveda

Ms. Chaitra, 39 years was declared COVID ‘Positive’ on January 10, 2022 at her residence when she did an “Online” consultation with our Nursing Home. She was then advised for 10 days Quarantine at her place of stay. The consulting doctor advised preventive and curable Ayurvedic medicines from time to time based on symptoms explained by her to the doctor online. The internal medicines prescribed were procured by her locally and continued treatment during the quarantine period. The patient had bodily aches, mild fever and occasional bronchial problems.

After one week of continuous intake of medicines, the symptoms of bodily aches and fever partially subsided without a complete cure. She was advised to take complete rest for another one week to recoup herself from the impact. However, she continued to feel weakness and was unable to do routine household services as pre-Covid days. The consulting doctor has then advised her to visit our Nursing Home at the earliest possible for 14 to 21 days of IP treatment to recoup herself from the Covid positive syndrome.

The patient visited us again for a physical check-up and treatment on 15/02/2022. On examination, the patient was having post covid symptoms such as severe pain on multiple joints as an aftermath result of post-COVID-19 inflammatory changes associated with Tachycardia. She was declared Covid19 positive on January 10 after which various inflammatory symptoms developed. Her Blood report (CBC) showed an increased ESR level, low WBC count and Lymphocytes on the higher side which was the result of post covid inflammatory conditions. The D-Dimer value remained 854.6. On physical examination of the case, it was found necessary to start IP treatment at the earliest possible before the condition is aggravated.

The modalities of IP treatment for 21 days from 15.02.2022 include Panchakarma therapies both with external and internal medications. The treating doctor’s constant supervision was applied while undergoing Panchakarma treatment procedures as the condition may worsen as vitals may fluctuate during the treatment period. The patient was discharged from the hospital after she was fit enough to do normal work. She was advised to take complete rest for another two weeks and to continue the medications prescribed for the period.

Internal medicine

Date Internal Medicine
12/01/2022 • Amritotharam kashayam
• Taleesa patradi choorna
31/01/2022 • Devamruta rasam
02/02/2022 • Caster oil-5ml BD with kashayam
12/02/2022 • Vata rakshasa Bhasma with ginger juice
• Kaseesa kalpam-lemon+ginger+honey
13/02/2022 • Amritottaram kashayam stopped
• Rasnamrithadi kashayam with caster oil
20/02/2022 • Stop devamruta rasam
24/02/2022 • Asta choornam- half tsp BD with hot water
27/02/2022 • Rasnamrutadi kashayam 60 ml BD+caster oil-5ml BD with kashaya+Amrutha guggulu-1 BD with kashaya
• Vata rakshasa Bhasma-1 cap BD with ginger juice
• Vatari ghrita- 1 tsp BD
• Kaseesa kalpa sindhooram- ½ cap BD with ginger juice+lemon+honey

External treatment

Date Name of Treatment
31/01/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + choornavasthi
01/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + choornavasthi
02/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + choornavasthi
03/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhiy
04/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi
05/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi+theppu/lepam
06/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
08/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
09/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
10/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
11/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
12/02/2022 rasna aswagandhadi choornakizhhi + theppu/lepam
14/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
15/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
16/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
17/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
18/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
19/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
20/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
21/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
23/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
24/02/2022 dhanyamala dhara+theppu/lepam
25/02/2022 kashaya dhara+theppu/lepam
26/02/2022 kashaya dhara+theppu/lepam
27/02/2022 kashaya dhara+theppu/lepam+agnikarma

(Note* –

  • Here are Some of the medications prescribed to address the patient’s accompanying symptoms.
  • This is a specialized plan for a person, please do not try it at home without the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor)


  • Avoid day time sleep and sleeping late night.
  • Avoid heavy exercise.
  • Practice pranayama

What are symptoms of coronavirus?

The entire world experienced an unconventional year in 2020, dealing with the new coronavirus pandemic, which presented us with challenging times.

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has been a prevalent term for almost six years. It is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body pain
  • Sore throat
  • loss of taste or smell
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Congestion or runny nose

Some individuals infected with the coronavirus experience mild COVID-19 symptoms, while others remain asymptomatic. However, in certain instances, COVID-19 can result in respiratory failure, long-term lung and heart muscle damage, nervous system issues, kidney failure, or even death.

What are the Ayurvedic methods for treating Covid-19?

According to Ayurveda, COVID-19 is considered a janapadodhwamsa vikara, which is an epidemic disease. Janapadodhwamsa occurs when the environment, including air, water, land, and seasons, becomes vitiated, leading to the simultaneous outbreak of a disease among large populations and causing destruction to human habitations.

Ayurveda’s basic approach in tackling any infection is to booster and enhance the body’s natural mechanisms to combat the threats presented by invading organisms.

Ayurveda has proved its potential both in preventive as well as curative aspects. Internal medicines, panchakarma procedures, rasayana therapy etc play a vital role in COVID management.Panchakarma procedures involve the detoxification of the body, which is a vital part of the treatment. Disease-causing microbes introduce a significant amount of toxins into the body, and unless these toxins are removed, it is impossible to address the existing conditions. In the case of long Covid, patients do not undergo the complete set of panchakarma procedures.instead, doctors prescribe specific procedures tailored to the ailment.Panchakarma is conducted in three stages: preparation, elimination, and rejuvenation.In Sree Subhramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, best ayurvedic hospital in kerala, specific diets and medicines are prescribed to restore individuals to their most energetic selves, and medications are also administered to improve the immune system. These herbal medicines are particularly beneficial for those with respiratory tract issues, as they improve lung capacity and help in the removal of excess accumulation of phlegm. Similarly, these medicines are beneficial for individuals with GI tract issues.Regularly strengthening the body with herbal preparations after a Panchakarma treatment also helps in preventing COVID and other infectious diseases.

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