Treat your Nasal Congestion with Nasyam

Nasyam is an important Panchakarma therapies that involves face & head massage with herbal oil preparations.This therapy is practiced for treating the illness in the head region. During the process, medicated oil is administered through the nose for a specific time period. This is followed by steam inhalation, which is used in order to melt and relieve the mucus from the sinus passage. Herbal nasal drops are administered in each nostril, which would eliminate the bodily ailments that include sinuses, throat, nose & head areas.For those who want to get rid of these ailments through Nasyam therapy can come to our nursing home. We, Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home offer this Ayurvedic treatment to eradicate mucus from the sinus passage and open the nasal congestion completely.

There are different types of Nasyam therapies, which we offer after examining the ailments that are to be treated. The main types of Nasyam are mentioned below:

Virechana Nasyam

The therapy is used to purify and treat doshas of head and neck. It is useful in treating and preventing many disorders like headache, disease of throat, skin disease, eye disease and many others.

Dhmana Nasyam

During the treatment, the medicine is administered through the nostrils in the form of powder. The therapy is acted as roborants and helps in nourishing the tissues.

Brumhana Nasyam

This therapy is used in order to treat patients with voice problem, migraine headache, mental disturbances and many others. During this therapy, ghee and medicated milk are used to treat the ailment

Shamana Nasyam

During this treatment herbal medicine, tea and other similar products are used, which would help in treating conjunctivitis, blue patches on the skin, disease of hair and eyes respectively.

Some of the benefits of Nasyam are mentioned below

  • Nasyam therapy helps in removing toxins from the different body parts especially from head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region.
  • It assists in unction and pacifying the toxins without even removing them and nourishing the body parts.
  • The therapy also helps in proper blood circulation in the head.
  • Nasyam helps in eliminating of spasm in the nose and treating dyspnoea and asthma.
  • It also helps in preventing many disorders that are related to organs
  • It provides strength to sensory organs and even prevents ageing and hair loss problem
  • It assists in keeping the skin and body free from wrinkles.
  • Thus, in one sentence you can say that Nasyam therapy is best for treating chronic sinusitis, headache, throat diseases, migraine, voice constraints and many other diseases