Ayurveda Cleanse: Best for your body

Ayurveda is not just about a good physical health in fact, it is a complete therapy that promotes whole body wellness. The natural herbs and the oils used are of great medicinal value. This is also said in the Vedic literature. According to Ayurveda, in order to maintain the optimal levels of vitality, clarity and youthfulness it is important to purify the body and mind. A simpler form of self-cleansing, Ayurveda herbs are used. These herbs can works like a magic in penetrating the tissues of the body and in removing the toxins within the cellular walls.

When cleansing program is needed?

  • If after a main meal you feel really tired and need to take a short nap. You feel tired and lethargic all day long even after sleeping and eating in an adequate amount.
  • You feel congested
  • Loss of appetite or you crave junk foods
  • Lack of enthusiasm

Tips to get started on a simple Ayurvedic Cleanse

  • Snacks should be avoided as this is the best way to remove toxins, improves digestion and even lose weight. However, avoiding snacks doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. If you are hungry, you need to have stir-fried veggies. However, make sure to give at least five to six hour gap between meal and snacks.
  • A self-massage in an Ayurvedic cleanse removes the accumulated toxins so that it can be eliminated as waste. Massage with warm oil calms and rejuvenates the nervous system.
  • Drink warm water to ensure you get sufficient fluids, make sure to avoid ice, caffeine and cold drinks.
  • Minimize the consumption of raw foods, frozen foods, animal products such as meat or eggs and avoid eating tobacco and chocolate etc. from your diet.