Thalam ayurvedic treatment procedure to maintain top of the head

Thalam is the Malayalam name for the treatment of retaining medicines over the center of the head with the help of a cap. It helps in nourishing the brain cells to prevent brain cell damage thus reducing the mental problems. In this process, a medicated paste is applied on the top of head and left for about 20 minutes. The mental stress faced by the people in today’s time has resulted in multiple problems and Thalam Ayurvedic therapy is directed to treat the conditions like lack of willpower, inability to concentrate, etc.

Merits of Thalam Treatment

Thalam is applied to both men and women for the treatment of conditions like insomnia, weak sight, skin problems, throat problems, migraine, etc. It is also helpful for patients suffering from the diseases of facial paralysis, eyes and other neurological problems. Listed below are some of the advantages of Thalam

  • Relaxes your mind
  • Relives migraines
  • Improves memory and concentration power
  • Clears nasal passage
  • Soothes the ear and throat passages
  • Develops a good feeling, etc.

This treatment has proved to be effective in easing hypertension among adults. It is the best Ayurvedic treatment which calms the mind, cools the body and improves your vision.