Ayurveda Herbal Garden

Preservation and conservation of abundant natural resources and medicinal plants in India have its own importance. Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, Kozhikode, have its own medicine preparatory unit. The effect of Ayurvedic treatments depends on medicines with all ingredients in it at the right proportion. With the sole objective of procuring of quality medicinal raw materials for the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines under traditional formulae to cure various diseases, SSANH has set up its own plantation hub in a 5 acres of climatically suited land at a hilly region, about 30 Kms away from the Calicut Town area. More so, some of the medicinal plants are rarely available in the open market essentially have to procure it from elsewhere. To ensure continued availability and supply of raw materials, SSANH now use its own medicinal plantation unit. With the help of horticulturists and other experts the land is being developed into an effective medicinal plantation hub for preserving rare medicinal plants. SSANH’s medicine preparation unit procures reliable raw materials from this plantation hub for production of quality medicines. The Ayurvedic medicines prepared in the unit are exclusively used applied for SSANH’s own patients. The medicines are not sold outs for commercial gain.