Approved Pharmacy by Kerala Health Authority

In ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians themselves would prepare medicines for their patients but today, only a handful of doctor’s follow this practice. Classical and proprietary formulations are two types of Ayurvedic medicines that are being marketed. Classical Ayurvedic formulations are those prepared as described in the Ayurvedic Samhita (Ayurvedic texts), while Patent and Proprietary formulations are those prepared using plant extracts.

At SSANH, we have a pharmacy and a manufacturing unit approved by the Local Health Authority as well as the Calicut Corporation where we make authentic ayurvedic medicines for our patients. We use 80% in-house medicine for the treatment of the patients visiting us and the rest 20% are classical Ayurveda medicine purchased from renowned Ayurvedic medicine companies.

The reason for using in-house medicine for the treatment of varicose veins, arthritis, back pain, etc. is based on our pledge to such diseases without any room for error. 

We handpick the high-quality raw materials from 

  • Our own herb garden located in a hill area in Vayalada(Kozhikode, Kerala)
  • Local market and for various spices around Kerala i.e Honey from a forest area in Wayanad, Kerala
  • Places where herbs are naturally grown, other than Kerala i.e. Saffron from Kashmir, Kewda from Rajasthan, etc. 

By knowing the quality of raw materials and by procuring seasonal herbs, we maintain a certain standard of quality in our medicines according to the traditional Ayurveda. We do not produce any medicine in bulk to avoid any deterioration in the quality of medicine.  

This is just one step in assuring the quality of medicine and even in another step of manufacturing the medicine such as cleaning raw materials, processing raw materials, storing the medicine, etc. we use the knowledge of ancient classical Ayurveda to produce the best medicine.  

Does the medicine at SSANH contain heavy metals in them?

There is a belief in our society that the Ayurvedic medicines contains heavy metals which are not good for health and above that they are also the main cause of Liver, Kidney disease for the patients consuming ayurvedic medicines. There are medicine made of gold, silver known as Swarna bhasma or rajat bhasma and they are given only for the treatment of certain conditions.  Similarly in allopathy or modern medicine, metallic medicines are used as and when required for auto immune conditions such as DMARD’s. The synthetic form of metallic medicines are very harmful for the body. Some part of the metallic content of this medicine is not metabolized in natural processes which accumulate in the body and cleansing treatments are not affective in removing such accumulation. Whereas in Ayurveda treatments, metal-based medicine is processed in such a way that body can metabolize these metals induced in a medicated form and parallel medications are given to cleanse the excess metal from body thus reducing the risk of side effect of these metals.  

In today’s life, heavy metals are present in our daily life i.e., drinking water, air we breathe and plants/ herbs that we consume for making food as well as ayurvedic medicines. Read this article to understand more about environmental contamination through heavy metals:

Why is it impossible to avoid exposing our body to heavy metals?

Heavy metals become toxic only when they are not metabolized by the body and accumulate in the soft tissues. The human body has its own method of using these metals, according to Ayurveda, metals help in nourishing the body and improving certain tissue metabolism hence improving the functioning of the body. 

Even though in today’s life it is hard to find herbs without containing heavy metals but we at SSANH make sure that the content of heavy metal in our medicine is negligible and according to the WHO standards whereas only the required amount stays in our patients’ body for nourishment, once our treatment is complete by following these 3 steps: 

  1. By handpicking the supplier, we make sure that the raw material we procure is from a place that is not near an industrial area hence reducing the amount of heavy metal in that soil. 
  2. By washing, drying, applying ghee on containers to seal and other ayurvedic purification techniques followed before and during the manufacturing process of our medicine, we make sure that the heavy metal content is further reduced. For example Heavy metals are soluble in water hence reducing heavy metal content from herbs on washing. 

Note* We avoid procuring material in bulk and making medicine in bulk just so that we can take care of the efficient purification of our medicine 

  1. Treatment at SSANH always includes detoxification medicine or such treatment which will help to cleanse the tissues, helping the body to improve its absorption hence reducing heavy metal content. 

Dr. Sanand has completed his Post Graduation with the subject of metal-based medicine and with his expertise in this domain combined with the traditional knowledge of the Thekkayil family, the best medicine is given to the patient maintaining the WHO standard.

Why does SSANH follows ancient classical medicine preparation techniques?

At SSANH where Ayurveda is practiced for the past 400 years and the experience, knowledge of one generation is passed to the next generation which s accumulated in various textbooks. One such test is available as a palm leaf book, where the ancient wisdom is engraved on a book made from palm leaves, another textbook is written with a pencil when the pen was not invested. These books contain refined information on distinct medicine preparations, effects on patients, cautions, and the exclusions experienced by the previous physicians making it a very precise text with practical knowledge of treatment given to millions of patients.  

According to classical Ayurveda textbooks, it is believed that every substance has a medicinal property, whether it can be used as a medicine or not is dependent on the Vaidya(doctor). Every substance even sand has some medicinal property which can only be utilized in certain conditions and understanding these conditions is what we do best at SSANH. Let’s take an example of honey which should never be heated, heating honey will result in the production of carcinogen which will enter our body and instead of showing its anti-inflammatory property, honey will induce inflammation inside the body. Similarly, Turmeric should be used along with ghee otherwise we will not be able to utilize the goodness of turmeric. 

Ayurveda not only classified diseases and medicines in the textbooks but there are ways/rules for administering herbs/medicine to obtain the optimum result. These rules help improve the potency of medicine on the patient and help reduce the side effects to the minimum. These rules have been mentioned for ages after observing these effects very closely and this is the reason why ayurvedic knowledge is called eternal. 

What we do when we cannot procure seasonal herb from outside Kerala?

Ayurvedic books mention both expensive as well as affordable medicines, it also contains principle involving alternative of various herbs in case the primary herb is not available. Ayurveda is also a traditional medicine, each and every demography have their own traditions hence if a person is aware of the traditions of particular demography, ayurvedic principles can provide alternatives for herbs in case of unavailability of any primary medicine. Such principles also help the common man to use simple home remedies for treating ailments and are also effective.  

For example: Instead of Raktha Chandana(Red sandal) we can use Bhallathaka in Gullugulu Tikhta Kashayam, in case Raktha Chandana is not available. 

This substitution will affect the quality of medicine hence affecting the potency of these medications but the change is almost very small and if it is required, alterations are made in other components to compensate for the substitute. The aim of the pharmacy at SSANH is to provide high potency natural medicine with negligible side effects. So far, our results speak for our belief, we have had more than 1 million patients in the past 40 years and our treatment proved effective for more than 85% of the cases with more than 60% cure delivered for many chronic conditions including non-healing ulcer, varicose veins, arthritis, ITP, Cancer, Ulcerative colitis, Liver cirrhosis, etc. 

Let us know what you think about the medicine preparation methods at SSANH and we do have a food product “Kadliprasha,” a lehyam to boost your immunity. If you would want to try our product and decide for yourself about the quality of our pharmacy CLICK HERE