Sira vyadhanam

Varicose vein is conditions where the veins are enlarged, swollen and twisted that often appear on legs and feet. These occur when the veins do not work properly. Basically, veins are one-way valves that help blood to flow towards the Heart. If the valves are weak or damaged blood can flow in reverse direction and pool in the veins. This causes swelling of veins.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda in the treatment of varicose veins has been an effective and natural method to overcome the disease. Ayurveda treatment believes that there are channels which transport fluids and blood. Unhealthy channels are thought to cause diseases. In order to restore the patency of the channels, Siravyadhanam is done. Ayurveda is much more than just oils and massage, which is what most people tend to assume. Ayurveda is way of life and following it with discipline is the key to success.

Many people would have heard about Pancakarma i.e.,the 5 purificatory procedures. Among those, Sira vyadhanam is an effective procedure of letting out blood in small quantities. It provides a great relief from the symptoms and treats various diseases.

The process of blood letting is done by puncturing veins with a sharp instrument which allows to eliminate the affected blood and to safeguard the dynamic equilibrium of humours in order to remain healthy. It is believed that this process stimulates the functions and metabolism of liver and spleen. It also reduces the workload on liver and spleen and eliminates the old and damaged blood cells.

It is found to be useful in malignant hypertension as it reduces the blood pressure and volume. It is applicable to treat a wide range of diseases pertaining to the systemic issues by removing toxins from the blood. Sira vyadhanam is preceded by certain purificatory procedures and a suitable time is selected. Similarly, the post-operative care is also given to the patient. Blood is the root of the body and supports it. Therefore, Sira Vyadhanam helps in keeping the body free from diseases and purifies blood.

Specialized Treatment Called SIRAVYEDAM in Varicose Vein.

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