Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

Do you suffer from serious pain within your joints? If your answer is yes then it could be the right time for you to check your joints seriously. Your condition might be arthritis. It is a type of joint disorder that involves inflammation of joints. As a matter of fact, there are more than 100 various types of arthritis and the most typical one is osteoarthritis, which is a deteriorating joint disease. Other types include psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as the related autoimmune diseases. There’s the so called septic arthritis that is triggered by joint infection.

Arthritis is among the most typical diseases for which ayurvedic assistance is being sought today. Ayurveda is blaming the excess of vata dosha for pain. The increase in the vata motions will lead to poor metabolism and it can even block and stop the normal functioning of your body. One of the reasons why you experience arthritis or any other pains is the inflammation within the joints that was caused by a toxic mucous. To get your life back to normal again, it is important to seek for the ultimate arthritis treatment in Kerala.

Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

The following are the indications that you might be suffering from arthritis:

  • Stiffness that comes along with acute pain in the joints of your knee, shoulders, back and neck.
  • Indications of tenderness and inflammation in the joints such as elbow, ankles, fingers and knee.
  • Joints may deform with no inflammation and cause that crepitus sound that results to osteoarthritis. The patient will also experience difficulty in climbing steps and when sitting down the floor.
  • Pain in your hip, knee or back. A sudden change in your posture can be noticed.
  • Difficulty and pain in walking and standing or sitting for extended hours.

Remedies for Arthritis

If you are looking for the best arthritis treatment in Kerala, you may want to consider the following:

  • As vata and ama are the main causes of arthritis, efforts must be made so ama will be digested and to lessen the vata. Digestion must be enhanced so as to prevent the production of ama. Efforts must be made in order to relieve inflammation and pain. It is the line of remedy in Ayurveda.
  • Fasting is highly beneficial for the digestion of ama. Fasting can be either partial or complete and this will depend on the person’s strength, in the place and season. You should get  teaspoons of lemon juice combined with 250 ml of hot water and a teaspoon of honey can be taken two times every day preferably morning & evening.
  • Body massage with mustard and sesame oil aids to lessen vata, which results to reduced pain. The joints that were affected by pain could be massed for a longer time.
  • Light exercise is helpful but you should know your limitations. As a general rule, with any form of exercise which includes walking that cause pain on you after an hour, it means you’ve crossed your limitation.
  • Generous intake of sweet lime juice or orange juice or vitamin C improves the effectiveness of any anti-rheumatic medicine since this vitamin can lessen skeletal pain.
  • Guggul is also very helpful when it comes to alleviating arthritis. This could be taken in 1 up to 3 GM for two times every day after meals with hot water. It is not suggested for those people who have kidney disease and acute rashes.

When it comes to your need for the most effective arthritis treatment in Calicut, these are the safe and effective treatment options that you can try.

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8 responses

Is rheumatoid arthritis curable?
I read and also doctor told me that there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis.
My wife is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. If it is curable how many days will take to cure?

Dear Shahim,

We deeply regret for the delay in replying you.
Arthritis is curable if the same is treated at the initial stage.
For the existing cases it is important to take medicine, as the
delay may increase the condition.

The treatment differ from person to person. We suggest you send
the details of wife’s condition to us by mail for a detailed reply.

Send us her present condition, if she is able to do the daily chores without any external support.
If she is able to walk? any deformity in physical state.

Send us the present medical records like MRI scan report. Her age and how long she is suffering from


Mail to; info@ssanh.com

my elder brother’s wife is suffering from rheumatic arthritis since last one and half year we are taking treatment from various places but not effective now her fingures and hand started bending little so we want to know when and how can we get appointment as earliest.
please reply ealry

Dear Mr. Prakash,

Regret for the delay in reply.
Kindly send your phone number or call me at 90482 95096
or send your sister in law’s information on our mail ID
info@ssanh.com . MRI report will be helpful.

We have best treatment for arthritis, your sister in law
is in a condition to take immediate medication to control
the present condition or the stiffness in body may increase.


I am 22 years old.I am suffering with Rheumatoid arthritis since 6 years.

My right hand elbow was little more bended.when I stop to take painkillers joints will get stiffed and not even support to walk.

I was not even in a position to survive without consuming the the painkillers and medicine daily. My body was very disturbed on consuming the high quantity of medicine .I cannot even explain you how the situation I am facing.

Details of treatments done: undergoing Allopathic treatment Since 2010.But the Medicine was not regularly consumed Except painKillers
Mam/Sir, I am kindly request you to consider my case and suugest me the best for the recovery

Dear Ms. Shyamala,

Thank you for your enquiry.
We will appreciate if you can send us your present medical reports and
MRI scan report if you have to our mail ID; info@ssanh.com , we will
study the same and provide you a detailed answer.

Kindly send us your contact No. we will do our best to help you.
You can reach me on my phone 9048295096.
With regards,

My wife is currently sufferring with pain and swelling in the joints. her blood sample result show high level of ruemenoid factor. we believe she is suffering ruemenoid arteritis. This condition started about 3 weeks ago starting with a limpnote ( inflamation on the upper neck ). further to this she had swelling at her joints.
Please advise on the mode of treatment and the duration. we are from malaysia.

Thank you

Hello Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry.

SSANH is an Ayurvedic Hospital concentrating on traditional ayurvedic treatment run by Thekkayil family, having ayurvedic tradition of more than 400 years. We do all types of ayurvedic treatment at SSANH. We specialize in traditional ayurvedic treatments for Rheumatic Arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.

We will appreciate if you can provide us your wife’ present age and MRI scan report if any. It will help us give you
clear reply with regards to the treatment duration and cost.

For any clarification please feel free to contact me or mail me.

With regards,
Mb: 90482 95096

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