Let’s talk about Rheumatic fever today. What is it? How is it cured? Can it be cured through Ayurvedic treatment?

The answer of the last question is- YES, INDEED!

In Ayurveda, Rheumatic fever has been named as Aamavata Jwara. Rheumatic fever is a general issue and this is joined by heat, torment in the joints and bountiful sweat. The propensity of this sickness is to spread in a whimsical way, and it includes the membranes of human body, particularly the heart. Youngsters and teenagers are more inclined to this infection and it is by and large not seen among individuals more than thirty years old. On the off chance that an individual is assaulted by the illness up to the age of eighteen, legitimate consideration and drug can control the sickness.

There are more than 493 cases of Rheumatic fever per 1000 medical case. Let’s read a beautiful and heart-winning story of Ajish. Ajish is one of the brighter stars of India, who has the dream to conquer the world through his genius and excellence; a 15 year old teenage boy who has the zeal to run on the playground and show the world how fast he can run and how the grasses bow down his feet. But, Ajish once was attacked by rheumatic fever. As usual symptoms he started feeling pain in multiple joints- his ankles and knees lost their strength and became stiff to stiffer.

Meanwhile his board exam was approaching. His parents felt helpless as no long-term solution came out. Ajish started losing his appetite, suffered from constipation. Earlier his disease was not recognized. Eventually, wrong treatment proceeded. He was one of the many teenagers who were attacked by rheumatic fever. Being restless, Ajish’s parents started knocking every door of medication, but nothing properly responded.

The brave boy had rapid pulse rate with ever-growing body temperature. More than that, being a middle class, Ajish’s family faced loads of challenges to bear the high cost of medication and treatment. Before turning this into rheumatoid arthritis, the disease was to be cured and up-rooted.

SSANH was contacted by Ajish’s family and we took this as a medical challenge. We strove to gift this brave and excellent child his brighter future. AND GUESS WHAT?

After a rigorous Ayurvedic treatment in our nursing home, Ajish is back to his normal and blissful life. He has undergone treatment like Kizhi, Vasti, Dhara, Njavara kizhi etc. He is standing on his own feet; looking forward to meet his friends at the play-ground; kick the football and score a magnificent goal. Ajish’s family has utilized medical insurance and opted for cashless treatment. They lessened their burden at SSANH. We are proud of our initiative to bring back smile in Ajish as well as his family’s face.

Believe in Ayurveda; believe on SSANH!


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