Should you brush your teeth right after a meal?

Brushing your teeth is an activity that you barely think about. In fact it’s something that you do without counting it as an activity – it’s become your second nature. But there are some who take their dental hygiene so seriously that they brush after every meal, believing that it’s helping the cause. But is it really? Experts warn that brushing too much can do more harm than good. If you are brushing right after a cup of coffee or your meal, you could actually be harming your teeth. The harm will be worse if you have had fuzzy or acidic drinks. The acid in the drinks burn into your enamel and when you brush right after consuming it, you are pushing the acid deeper into your teeth, making matters worse. According to Dr Bushra, General Manager, Indian Dental Association ( IDA ) explains, “We need to brush twice daily, not compulsory after every meal. The effect of brushing immediately after meals predominantly depends on the type of food we eat, for instance, if we have just taken foods that are acidic in nature like cola or citrus food, because of the acidic nature, the enamel is immediately affected and weakened. Brushing on this weakened enamel will definitely do more harm than good- abrasion can be the most common effect. Excessive brushing can also result in exposing dentinal tubules causing sensitivity.” So it is advisable to brush twice a day and gargle after every meal. Read more at:

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