Astrology and Ayurveda: Unveiling the Connection for Holistic Healing

Health is not just about not being sick, but being completely well physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. This idea emphasizes the importance of having a proper digestive system, a happy soul, and involving the senses and mind. In each person, a distinct genetic code shapes the body, while the soul carries a karmic code that influences our positive qualities, desires etc across past, present, and future lives. Astrology deals with the karmic process of man. It helps the man to know about himself and also to have an understanding of the creation. Astrology and Ayurveda are connected to each other. Ayurveda emphasises that primarily there are 3 doshas(humors) namely Vata (wind), Pitta (heat) and kapha(Phlegm). If these humors are in equilibrium, they will protect the body. In Astrology Lagna, Sun and Moon correspond to Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

“Poorva janma kritam paapam vyadhi roopena peeditham”

The sinful deeds of previous life are developed in the form of disease in this life.Karmaroga Shanti can be achieved only when Karmakshaya occurs, it’s not possible only through medication. As Adharma increases day by day, the incidence of occurrence of new diseases also increases hence Divine therapy is useful to reduce the sufferings and improve the quality of life.

So by examining the horoscope regarding one’s destiny and adopting suitable remedial measures, one can get relief from suffering. To please the planets from whom the disease occurs, a cure can be derived by adopting such remedial measures by chanting, worshipping, donations to those planets or by examining 5th house and position of the lord in the chart.

When treating a patient, an Ayurvedic physician should always record the positions of celestial bodies in the sky and use this information along with his understanding of Ayurveda to determine the severity of the illness and how long it will take to heal

Atulya dooshya desha ritu prakriti: paadasambati

Graheshu anuguneshu ekadosha margo navasugha:

In the textbook of Ashtanga Hridaya, acharya says that the dissimilarities in factors like dooshya,desha(habitat),ritu(season),prakriti(Innate nature of a person), Grahas(planets), vitiation of single dosha marga (route of disease manifestation) and recent onset of disease can create an easy cure of disease.

The treatment in Ayurveda is structured into three main areas: divine therapy(Daiva vyapasraya chikitsa), rational therapy, and psychotherapy. Divine therapy, is a unique non-pharmacological approach and can be seen as a form of spiritual healing involving energy-based sounds, medicines, wearing of gems, auspicious chants, offerings, gift giving, oblations, observance of scriptural rules, fasting, chanting of auspicious hymns and pilgrimage etc.Divine therapy is for treating somatic(Diseases affecting body) as well as psychological disorders(diseases affecting mind) and also helps in clinical aspects of treatment.

In Astrology, 6th house indicates diseases. when the lord of the 6th bhava becomes weak and cruel planets posited in 6th house the disease is not curable. If the lord of Ase possesses strength, health prevails.

Influence of Seasons Diseases & Remedies

The changes in the atmosphere influence the human body thereby causing Some diseases. By taking proper care during those changes, we will be able to maintain balanced health.

Role of Divine therapy in clinical conditions

It is a beneficial measure for all types of diseases, regardless of the cause, as adharma(sinful acts) has become a common factor for diseases in this era. The treatment is known as Daiva Vyaapashraya and can be used alongside other therapies.


The treatment for all blood-related diseases involves upavasa or fasting as a basic line of treatment. In the case of epidemic diseases, devatarchana (offering to Gods) and praying Lord Shiva has been mentioned.

In the context of treatment of fever, it has been told that chanting of Vishnu sahasra nama(1000names of Lord Vishnu) is indicated in case of vishama jwara (Irregular fever) and in case of agantuja jwara (fever caused due to extraneous factors), daiva vyapashraya chikitsa is considered as the most desired therapy.

Rajayakshma(Immuno compromised conditions)

The ancient texts suggest using sacrificial ceremonies(yajna) for treating the immuno-compromised disease called rajayakshma.


For treating insanity (unmada), they recommend worshipping Lord Shiva’s attendants and using mantra (energy-based sounds),mani(wearing gems), mangala(chanting auspicious chants), Bali(making auspicious offerings), upahara(giving gifts),homa(making oblations),niyama(observing scriptural rules), prayaschitta(performing atonement), swasthyayana(chanting auspicious hymns), pranipada(showing reverence to the Gods),gamana(going on pilgrimage), and tapa(practicing penance).


While explaining the treatment of apasmara (seizures), it has been told that all the treatment measures that are adopted for agantu unmada (insanity caused due to extraneous factors) should be followed.


When treating poison, ancient texts recommend chanting hymns as the first step among 24 treatment procedures.

Life style disorders

This treatment is a definite way to address lifestyle disorders by creating a positive energy in the person and their surroundings.

List of Mantra’s mentioned in classics

  • For garbhadharana(conception),mrutagarbha(fetal loss)
  • For sukha prasavarta (Normal delivery)
  • Before feeding milk
  • For Graha shanti
  • During medicinal administration in kushta
  • In treatment of poison
  • Mahendra mantra before collecting medicine
  • Before administering vamana medicine

List of wearing of medicinal plants and special stones mentioned in classics

  • In summer season -wearing pearl(Muktamani)
  • In Pittala Prakruti – Mukta Mani Dharana
  • Wearing of stones like Vajra, Marakata, Sara, Pichuka, Sarpamani, Vaidhurya  to avoid the biting of the snake and spreading of the poison.
  • Use of Navaratna -To combat the bad effect of
  • Wearing of medicinal plants – Bhootonmada(Mental disorders)


Giving without expectation of return, at the proper time and place.

List of Daanas mentioned in classics(Harita Samhita) :

Sl. No. Diseases Daana
1. • Diabetes
• Respiratory disorders
• Fistula
• cough
Gold(Swarna daana)
2. • fainting
• vertigo
• Jala(water)
• Anna daana
3. • Anemia • Godaana(cow)
• Bhoomidaana(land)
• Swarna (gold)
4. • Skin disease • Godaana(cow)
• Annadaana
• Swarna (gold)

Mangala: Performing good deeds is considered a Mangala.

List of Mangala Karma which should be performed in the classics

  • Wearing of diamond ornaments
  • Before conducting Virechana and vamana treatment
  • During naming ceremony of newborn
  • Before wearing medicinal plants,Mangala Devata Archanadi karma is told


This is a ritual where Naivedya to the lord is given in terms of Pashu(cow) or Anna(Rice). Bali rituals are done to satisfy and pacify the cosmic forms.

List of Bali

  • Tila tandulakam Ityadi Bali is told in Sushruta
  • Bhoota Odana Bali, Brahmaraksharta Bali
  • Pishachi Bali in the form of Seedu, Palala, Dadhi(curd) should be offered


Unconditional offering or present to God.

Clinical utility of Bali/ Upahara

Narayana Bali is done in all cases of abnormal death by fasting, animal, suicide, fall from height, drowning etc


Homa is used synonymously with Yagna. This is generally done to heal and purify the atmosphere by worshipping the Agni or other deities through fire with medicinal woods as a medium. The cosmic energy and vibrations from the mantra optimize the forces and save person from bad luck.The herbs used in this Homa like Amrita and Durva are popular in treating blood disorders and incurable diseases like cancer.

Different Yanjyas mentioned in different disease conditions

Sl.No. Book Yanjya name Condition
1.       Kaashyapa


Maruteshti yajna Abnormality of teeth(vikrita danta)


Sthaleepaka prajapathya yajna Loss or extra body parts in newborn( heenanga adhikanga)
Kaameshti yajna jaataharini aakramana
2.       Charaka samhita


Puthreshti yajna performed by the couple who desire to get a healthy child.


Pusha raja yajna Atisara(Loose bowel)
3.       Susruta samhita Agni yashti yajna somasevana

 List of Homa mentioned in classics

  • Shanti homa, Daarvi Homa
  • In case of Abhishapa and Abhicharaja Jwara Homa should be done
  • Maha mruthyunjaya Homa (Avoid Akala Marana and increase life span, Alleviate disease, physical and emotional disturbances, To ensure a long healthy life, Create positive guard around the person, For the spiritual growth of the person)


These are the suggestions given on how a person should deal with people and with himself. The disciplinary lifestyle regulates both the psychological and physical level and creates tranquillity thus helping in prevention and healing.

List of Niyama mentioned in classics

While explaining the Vrana Raksha Vidhana Acharyas have mentioned five types of Niyama  such as Akrodha, Guru Shushruta, Shoucha, Ahara Laghava and Apramada


This is a process of indulging in spiritual duties or worship to wash off one’s sins committed in past life and present life.


This therapeutic fasting is defined as the controlled and voluntary abstinence from foods and drinks for a specified period done for the restoration of health. Regular fasting can be an important tool for mental hygiene also.


The prayers are done for peace and chanting auspicious hymns i.e., Swasti Vakya / Shanti Mantra for universal peace and personal welfare. This is considered Mangalaprada.


It means surrendering to God, Teachers and elders.Bending before something symbolizes the removal of ego from one’s mind. The blessings received above activates luck, efficiency, knowledge and health


Kshetra with their innate power influence particular Bhavas and can eradicate the diseases.

Time of occurance of disease

Using astrology time of occurance of disease can be predicted by analysing the planets position.

Conjunction of planets lead to Diseases

  • Jupiter & Mercury àTyphoid, Diabetes
  • Mars & Rahu àEar problems, headache, Piles, bleeding,
  • Sun & Venusà Gout
  • Moon & Marsà Diseases of Vagina
  • Mercury & Ketu àSmall pox.
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