Best Back Pain treatment without Surgery I Case study of Mr Razak

A 34 year old young man Razak was posted for immediate spine surgery when he consulted an allopathic hospital for low back pain and leg pain. But he was unwilling for surgery and searched for best Ayurvedic treatment and hospital for alternative options. It is then he came to know about Sree subramania Ayurveda nursing Home from his relatives.

On 12th March 2023 , he consulted Dr Sanand at Sree subramania Ayurveda nursing Home. He presented with severe low back ache radiating to the right leg along with numbness. He was not able to stand walk or sit. He was not even able to sit for eating food.

On detailed case taking it was found that he had a sudden onset of pain a few months back after lifting a heavy weight. He took treatment and got symptomatic relief but it resurfaced again.

On detailed physical examination and based on investigation reports treatment was started for Razak with the following internal medicines and external therapies as the initial step.


  1. Sahacharadi kashayam
  2. Sahacharadi tailam
  3. Balarishtam
  4. Vatarakshasam bhasmam
  5. Lavanotharam dravakam


Externally he was administered Choornavasti for 3 days along with Rasnaswagandha Choornakizhi for the whole course of treatment.

During the course of treatment on evaluating the patient’s condition, Gandarvahasthadi eranda tailam was provided at bed time. For about 1 week Chiravilvadi Kashayam was administered. When pain was severe Mahadanwantaram gulika was provided.

As treatment progressed, changes started observing in his presenting complaints. In a few days treatment itself radiating pain got considerably reduced. But numbness was persisting. As treatment progressed, tenderness was noted in the low back and mid buttock region. Application of Lepanam was started which resulted in considerable reduction in radiating pain and the patient was able to sit comfortably for longer duration.

After about 15 days , Yoga Vasti was started which was successfully completed without any discomfort to the patient .The pain that was persisting in the posterior part of thing calf and ankles got reduced after vasti treatments.

During the last week of the treatment, strengthening therapies were started for the bones and muscles.Oil application (Pichu), Paste application of whole spine (Lepanam) and Ksheera Vasti was done aiming at nourishment and strengthening of weak muscles and bones . While strengthening external therapies were started , internally gandha tailam capsules were given aiming at bone strengthening.

The patient was discharged on 09/04/2023 after 28 days of inpatient treatment . By the time of discharge the patient was 90 percent relieved from his disease condition. Mild numbness was persisting. On discharge patient was provided discharge medications for 2 weeks which included the following

Sahacharadi kashayam
Gandha tailam capsules
Vataari ghrutham
Kaseesa kalpam sindooram
Vata rakshasan bhasmam
Hingu vachadi choornam

Progress Report

During the follow up visit  after IP treatment, the patient was 99 percent cured with remarkable changes noticed in the MRI scan.



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