Ayurveda is the best varicose veins treatment option

Best treatment of Varicose veins in Calicut

Comparing Varicose veins treatment | Sclerotherapy vs Ayurveda

Varicose veins treatment is suggested for the patients after a doctor confirms the possibility of Varicose veins on the basis of complaints like leg pain, swollen veins, etc. The doctor then suggests the option of compression stockings but in the majority of the situation, the cases are already complicated which is why the first treatment option is Sclerotherapy or laser treatment. Patients will now start exploring the best varicose veins treatment in their vicinity as these treatments involve a more serious procedure in comparison to the oral treatment generally practiced in allopathy.  The cost of Laser treatment is generally high from using high-end machines compared to sclerotherapy which comprises of injecting medicine into blood vessels or lymph vessels. The injected fluid helps shrink the veins hence treating Varicose veins. In order to find out the best varicose veins treatment, we will definitely want to gather more information related to the suggestion made by the respective doctor leading to the need for a second opinion from a different doctor. The two options for the varicose veins treatment are a procedure to be done on the body, the precession of the procedure depends on the doctor and hospital staff.  While trying to find a better option than Sclerotherapy and Laser treatment, trying to find a less risky treatment that can actually treat your condition, patients are bound to think about Ayurveda, Yoga, and Homeopathy for varicose veins treatment in Calicut which can deliver all that a patient is looking for: Immediate benefits: Reduction in heaviness of legs, reduction in itching, improvement of Sleep efficacy, Reduction in swelling, reduction in pain, and colour of the affected area returning to normal. All these changes can be seen within a day after the treatment.   Low risk: Safe procedure where the chances of mishappening and its impact on the body is low.  No side effects: After undergoing the procedure we should not be dealing with yet another issue We have treated more than 10000 cases of varicose veins in the past 40 years including 500 successful cases of Varicose ulcers as well. But, let us try to find out the best option between Ayurveda and modern medicine by weighing your options for Varicose veins treatment in Calicut, Kerala.  Let’s do an analysis of the factors important for a patient

Risk/Complication associated with :


  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Wrong Sclerosant Solution or wrong concentration
  • Not addressing all of the abnormal Veins
  • Poor Doctor-Patient Communication
  • Inadequate Follow up Protocols


  • Fainting due to trauma of watching visuals of bleeding.
  • Chances of discomfort, pain in stomach with acidity and vomiting sensation in case the medicine are not taken as advised.
  • In case of patients with low platelets or patient suffering with ITP there is a possibility of excess blood loss due to the low healing power of wounds.
  • In case of patients taking Blood, thinning medicine there is a possibility of excess blood loss.

Note :

  • Any discomfort in stomach can be recovered within 1 day if informed at the right time
  • In the above cases if the blood is not stopping, we apply bandage with Raktasambhaka drugs like Turmeric as precautionary medicine to stop the bleeding.
  • As preventive step to avoid these complications we ask the patients to always come with the reports of Bleeding time, 3D Doppler scan, ESR, CBC, Clotting time
Comparison of side effects between sclerotherapy and ayurveda treatment for varicose veins

Side effects associated:


  • Bruising, redness, blisters, hyperpigmentation, temporary swelling and pain near the injected vein (33% chances)
  • Headache, migraines, changes in vision, and nausea.(In case of injection not given properly )
  • Burning in the vein, hair growth and changes to skin colour (allergic reactions to the medicine )
  • Blood clots and heart diseases
  • Deep vein thrombosis, Osteoarthritis, Knee & pain etc.


The only side effects of Ayurveda treatment is tiredness for 1 day and pain for 30 min whereas in case of ayurvedic medicines for varicose veins there will be no noticeable side effects.  Ayurveda medicines are adaptable to our body being a part of nature with minimum processing and no additive chemicals hence making a possibility of almost no side effects. Note* Whereas there is a slight chance of Itching in some cases of leech therapy which completely varies from case to case.

Duration of Varicose veins treatment:


In case of early stage varicose veins, spider veins you can expect to see some results in 3 to 6 weeks whereas in later stages with larger affected area this treatment would require 3 to 4 months of time to show desired results.


Effectiveness of leech therapy as a varicose veins treament option

In the first line of In-Patient treatment of Localised varicosity with the very low area affected, Leech therapy is used as the primary treatment. Leech therapy is performed 2-3 times in a duration of 14-21 days along with 2-3 sessions of supportive treatment per day. 

Effectiveness of siravedha as a varicose veins treament option

In case of severe varicosity or a larger affected area, we use heat massage as a preparatory treatment before the primary treatment. In such cases, Seravedha will be the primary treatment instead of leech therapy with 1-2 sessions in a duration of 14-21 days along with 2-3 sessions of supportive treatment per day.  Supportive treatments include Kizhi , Kashaya dhara, Udhwarthana, Dhoopanam(fumigation), Lepam, Pidizhil, Abhyanga, and Vasti. In both cases, you can start to see the results within 1 day whereas in 14-21 days you can expect 50-80% improvement in general.

Treatment Effectiveness:


The success rate of Sclerotherapy is above 80% and it typically requires multiple treatments whereas Veins that respond to treatment generally don’t come back, but new veins may appear.


Once the blood is removed, it becomes very easy to treat the condition and nourish the affected area. Based on our previous experience in 90-95% of cases patient feels great relief within 3-4 days and the chances to cure it completely is as high as 90%. SSANH provides the best Ayurvedic treatment for varicose veins in Calicut, which is most effective if the patient can visit the center to undergo the treatment along with external therapies under the supervision of the doctor. External therapies help us in removing the accumulated toxic blood circulated in the dysfunctional veins.

Post treatment care:


Compression stockings or bandages to be worn for about two weeks Avoid exposure to sun for the treated area for 2-4 weeks Avoiding heavy exercise for 2 to 4 weeks No driving on the day of procedure


Eating light food Walking and other exercise to be included slowly in daily lifestyle Avoid taking cold bath Avoiding fried items and dairy products

Cost of Treatment of varicose veins in Calicut

At SSANH Cost of In-patient treatment for 14 days is around 48000 INR whereas for Out-patient treatment of 2 months the cost is around 9000 INR. 

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