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Your neck is an essential part of your body’s structure, providing support, flexibility, and a wide range of motion. However, when you experience a stooped neck, also known as a “drooped head,” it can be both physically and emotionally challenging.

Unlocking the path to health

A 51-year-old woman named sujatha came to SREE SUBRAMANYA AYURVEDIC NURSING HOME on 2/9/23 by seeking Ayurvedic treatment for stooping of Head. Patient had been experiencing neck stiffness and pain of non-radiating nature, which resulted in hanging of head forward gradually. The stiffness was very severe, almost all neck movements were restricted completely which was affecting her ability to work efficiently and caused a negative impact on her mental state. she had previously consulted different system of medicines but failed to achieve a positive outcome. Dr Sanand from SSANH began with a comprehensive assessment of patient’s lifestyle, work habit and medication history and made a Detailed treatment protocol.

History of medicine

  • Tab mirtaz
  • Tab Escipra
  • Tab Stalopalm
  • Thyronorm

She has been under these medications for 6 months.

Treatment protocol


  • Dhanyamla dhara for 10 days
  • lepana
  • Nasya for 10 days
  • Vaiswanara Choorna vasti for days
  • Marsha Nasya with Ksheerabala Thaila

Internal medicine:

  • Rasna shundyadi kashaya
  • Hinguvachadi choorna
  • Balarishta+Dashamoolarishta
  • Gandharvahastadi Kashaya
  • Tribhuvana Keerthi rasa
  • Avipathy choorna
  • Guggulu panchapala choorna

Note* –

  • Here are Some of the medications prescribed to address the patient’s accompanying symptoms.
  • This is a specialized plan for a person, please do not try it at home without the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor
Improvement chart
Range of neck movement – Forward bend Stooped state. Can’t move further 20 Degree 30 Degree
Backward bend Not possible 30 Degree 55 Degree
Lateral bend Not possible 20 Degree 40 Degree
Pain Severe pain No pain No pain
Stooping of head Present Absent Absent
Stiffness in neck Present Mild Absent
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Mode of action of treatment modalities

Cervical Muscles like Sternocleidomastoid, Splenius capitis, Levator scapulae, Longissimus, tansversospinal etc. plays an important role in positioning, stabilizing and directing the cervical spine. The inflammation present in these muscles and their facia resulting in decreased muscle strength and spinal disorders.

Dhanyamla dhara

Dhanyamladhara is made from different types of grain by fermenting the liquid. It is one of the best treatments for Cervical spondylosis. Dhara is the process of sudation brought about by pouring lukewarm liquid through a rhythmic stream. The constant temperature is capable of causing vasodilation and promoting the correct flow of blood through the affected area, which in turn will provide needed nutrition and elimination of toxins. Dhanyamla is a rich source of flavonoids and tannins with antioxidant, analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents endotoxins that arise as a consequence of metabolic errors and stimulate the inflammation process. In addition, flavonoids have the potential to be an antioxidant and a prevention of ageing. Tannins promote the formation of capillaries, which is a process for healing. Dhanyamdharala reduces inflammation to the muscles and facia that results in a stable and proper neck posture.


There are Efferent vasodilators, trigeminal and olfactory nerves that lie on the superficial surface of the face and peripheral surface of the nasal passage stimulated by drugs used with Nasya. Impulses are transmitted to CNS and causes better circulation by direct pooling into venous sinus of brain and cerebrospinal fluid. Finally, by stimulating the afferent nerves in the phrenic nerve , it was able to provide more nourishment for the affected area of the neck and ultimately subsiding of disease.

What is stooped neck?

It is the abnormal forward leaning or flexed position of neck causing it difficult to keep your neck upright. Symptoms may include neck pain, restricted neck movements, impaired horizontal gaze, kyphosis (a forward bounding of back) etc.

Common causes

  1. Muscle Weakness: Weakness in the neck muscles can result from aging, sedentary lifestyles, or underlying medical conditions.
  2. Neurological Conditions: Certain neurological disorders, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or myasthenia gravis, can affect muscle control in the neck.
  3. Spinal Issues: Degenerative Conditions like cervical spine stenosis, osteophyte formation or herniated discs can lead to a dropped neck posture.

Seeking professional guidance

The journey to recovery begins with a visit to a healthcare professional. Performing a thorough evaluation, including physical examinations and imaging studies helps to identify the root cause of your stooped neck, enabling the development of a tailored treatment plan. If you need advice, please contact us at SSANH which is the best Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala.

Patient review after treatment

“I have been experiencing a drop in my neck which was making me uncomfortable and stressed. Previously my neck felt like it was a clenched fist, I couldn’t turn my neck backwards and sideways because of the excruciating pain. I struggled a lot to perform my daily activities. Then I found out in Ayurveda there is a treatment for this. After searching I came to know that SSNAH is the best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala for neck stiffness. Then I got admitted here and after — weeks of Ayurvedic treatment i got almost –% relief in my symptoms. Thanks to the team “SSNAH”

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