Overcoming eczema:A Success Story

A 12-year-old female child presented with complaints of flaky oozing skin lesions over the hands, legs, abdomen and neck associated with severe itching and burning sensation. There was swelling over both hands. Her symptoms started about three months after she got back from the school’s youth festival. Upon arriving home from school, she noticed a sudden appearance of tiny papules on her fore and middle fingers, which were accompanied by an itching sensation. The following day, a fluid-filled blister was discovered inside her palm and fingertip. The symptoms gradually spread to her hands and legs, with an increase in intensity of itching and the skin beginning to peel. As the skin peeled, small bleeding spots were visible. the affected skin changed to a black colour and started oozing. itching became worse during the night. She also had a burning sensation in her lesion. After that, her parents took her to a local allopathic hospital, but her condition became worse after taking medication for two days. She experienced feelings of exhaustion, lack of motivation, disturbed sleep and difficulty concentrating on her studies. She had a constipated bowel at that time. After that, her parents brought her to Sree Subhramanya Ayurveda Nursing Home where she received IP treatment for a month ,all her ailments were completely eliminated and she returned to her normal energetic self.


Shape and size-

  • small, oozy, flaky lesions in both hands, legs,neck, lip and abdomen
  • Swelling present in hands


  • skin colour, blackish discolouration on both hands



Internal medicine:

  • Navakarshikam kashaya
  • Patolamooladi kashaya
  • Punaranavasava+parpadam+saribhadhyasavam
  • Aragwadarishta kumaryasavam
  • Chandraprabha Gulika
  • Aragwadadi kashaya with honey
  • Vilwadi Gulika-1 BD with Jeera Kashaya
  • Nimbamrutadi eranda -10ml with hot water
  • Rajanyadi choorna-1/2 tsp 2-3 times with hot water


  • Guduchyadi kashaya dhara for 2 days
  • Triphala kashaya(3/4 part)+guluchyadi kahsya(1/4 part) full body dhara-5 days
  • Dhara with Kashaya and 100 ml milk -10 days
  • Triphala kashaya+ guluchyadi dhara kashaya -14 days

Advised diet and lifestyle modifications:

  • Avoid excessive intake of sour, salty, and spicy food materials.
  • Avoid curd, milk, black gram, horse gram, mustard, sesame seeds, radish, alcoholic preparation
  • Avoid the habit of eating food before previous food is properly digested, overeating, and food that causes burning

(Note* –

  • Here are Some of the medications prescribed to address the patient’s accompanying symptoms.
  • This is a specialized plan for a person, please do not try it at home without the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor)


Date wise improvement

Sl.No. Date Treatment given Symptoms
1. 16/11/22 Admitted in hospital
Guduchyadi kashaya dhara
  •   Severe itching
  •   Burning sensation
  •   Oozing
  •   Skin peeling
2. 18/11/22 Triphala+guduchyadi kashaya Dhara started
  •   Oozing stopped
  •   dry lesions
  •   reduced swelling in outer surface of hand
  •   constipated bowel
3. 21/11/22 Dhara continued
  •    Flakes reduced
  •    bowel regular
  •    Itching reduced
4. 02/12/22 Dhara with kashaya and milk
  •    80 % Lesion reduced
  •    Itching completely reduced
  •    No burning sensation
5. 16/12/22 Triphala+guduchyadi kashaya dhara for 14 days
  •   Completely relieved from symptoms
Watch the miracle happened!
18-11-22 copy

Skin is an organ of the body that serves as a protective barrier against various external threats.skin inflammation can be caused by different irritants,allergans,over active immune system,infections etc.general symptoms include itching,discoloration,oozing,peeling of skin etc.symptoms may vary based on different types of dermatitis.

Kashaya Dhara

Sarvanga means whole body and dhara means pouring. kashaya dhara is a medicated decoction that is poured all over the body for a particular time period in a particular rhythm and time. This is a beneficial procedure to improve skin health by improving its tone and texture. Kashaya dhara treats various inflammatory conditions , infectious diseases and removes ama that is toxins present in the body.

Mode of action of kashaya dhara

The pharmacological action of medicines determines the therapeutic action of procedure. At the time of Sarvanga kashaya dhara, the hot decoction applied to the body assists in regulating the body’s perspiration, thus detoxifying the body.

The active ingredients in decoction contact the skin and penetrate the inside of the skin through the pores. Because the procedure is done from a certain height and at a certain temperature, energy will be created which will allow the medicine to easily penetrate the pores due to friction and heat.This makes it easier for the medicine to get through your skin’s pores. The process of vasodilation occurs when the temperature is kept at a constant level, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the body,metabolism increases as well as the removal of disease-causing toxins.

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