Turning the Tide: A Case Study on Innovative Strategies for Managing Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)

A 10-year-old male boy with a height of 157cm and a weight of 58kg was asymptomatic before 2019. Then his parents began noticing a weight gain of 10kg within 1 month, associated with tiredness in the body. One day, all of a sudden, he experienced abdominal discomfort and pain, as well as the appearance of red spots all over his body, including his hands, the back of his ears, his thigh, and inside mouth. They then took him to a dermatologist, who gave him some medical advice. but the very next day, his parents noticed a purplish-round appearance in his hands. Then he was admitted to the hospital, where the investigation reports revealed a low platelet count (5000). From there, he was administered 20 g of IVIG and 60mg of methylprednisolone. Then gradually his platelet count started increasing and reached almost 1,65,000, and he was discharged from the hospital. As per the doctor’s advice, his parents tapered the steroid dose gradually and stopped after 1 week. After 3 days, the platelet count was reduced to 40,000. Many instances of a similar occurrence happened, and parents noticed that the count increased only while receiving medication and returned to its previous level after the dose was lowered. The subsequent tests performed from hospitals revealed grade 1 fatty liver, High levels of LDH, ALT and AST, and a normal report of Dengue antigen, ANA and Bone marrow aspiration biopsy report. Afterwards, he alternatively referred to various doctors

from different systems of medicine but couldn’t find sustained relief for his condition. In 2022, he visited Sree Subramanya Ayurvedic Nursing Home and started taking medication as per the advice of Dr Sanandh.Then his parents started noticing a gradual and sustained increase in his platelet count.


  1. Vasaguluchyuadi kashaya +Drakshadi kashaya
  2. Mahakaseesa kalpa sindhooram
  3. Sudarshanarishtam+kumaryasavam

Advised diet and lifestyle modifications:

  • Avoid excessive use of pungent, sour, salty diets
  • Excessive use of Pickles, curd, pappad and fried items.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive physical exposure

 (Note* This is a specialized plan for a person, please do not try it at home without the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor)


Medical history

SL.NO Date Platelet count Medicines
1. 15-10-2020 5000 20gm of IVIG 2 doses, 60mg of Methylprednisolone
2. 19-10-2020 1,65000 Discharged from hospital
3. 28-10-2020 Stopped taking steroids (at 20mg)
4. 31-10-2020 32000 Readmitted in hospital
5. 1-11-2020 16000 90mg methylprednisolone
6. 5-11-2020 67000 Discharged from hospital
7. 17-11-2020 2,0800
8. 20-11-2020 Stopped taking steroids at 20mg, Started homeopathy treatment
9. 22-11-2020 8000 Hospital admission, 90mg methylprednisolone, 15gm IVIG
10. 23-11-2020 18000 Revolade 50mg on alternate days, Steroid 5 mg
11. 25-11-2020 48000 Discharged from hospital
12. 13-12-2020 2,48000
13. 10-01-2021 Stopped taking Revolade and steroid, Udiliv 300mg OD
14. 13-01-2021 1,78000
15. 27-01-2021 54000
16. 29-01-2021 Steroid 10mg evening
17. 31-01-2021 1,01000
18. 2-02-2021 Steroid 7.5mg
19. 13-02-2021 1,31000 Steroid 5mg
20. 14-03-2021 Steroids stopped
21. 27-03-2021 95000
22. 18-04-2021 86000
23. 18-05-2021 36000 Started Himalaya Platenza 20ml
24. 11-09-2021 96000 Stopped using homeopathy medicine
25. 24-12-2021 1,14000 Continued Himalaya platanza for 1 year
26. 19-02-2023 25000
27. 25-02-2023 15000 Romiplastim injection 250mcg, Stopped taking platanza
28. 08-03-2023 21000  Romiplastin injection 2nd dose
29. 10-03-2023 Started platanza
30. 11-03-2023 Started taking homeo medicine
31. 15-03-2023 Romiplastim 3rd dose
32. 18-03-2023 1,18000
33. 22-03-23 Romiplastim 4th dose
34. 13-04-2023 27,000 Consulted at SSANH


Sl. No. Date Platelet count
1. 13-04-2023 27000
2. 18-04-2023 21000
3. 25-04-2023 57000
4. 3-06-2023 80000
5. 01-09-2023 1,60,000

Table showing date wise platelet count:


A Graphical Display of Increasing platelet count:



What is the treatment protocol for ITP?

Idiopathic thrombocytic purpura is a bleeding disorder with reduced levels of platelet count.It can be correlated with Tiryag gata raktapitta in Ayurveda. It can be managed by giving internal medication, panchakarma chikitsa and can prevent its reoccurrence by modifying the lifestyle.

How can we assist you?

Although many conventional treatments for idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura result in an immediate platelet count increase, these results are often temporary. The tapering or stoppage of the dosage of medication may result in a reversion of symptoms and a low count. Also, long-term usage of most drugs like corticosteroids may result in various complications in later life. However, Ayurvedic management can ensure an effective and permanent increase in platelet count without any side effects. The goal of Ayurveda is a sustainable cure without side effects. For that, Team SSANH provides the best care of efficient physicians and guidance on lifestyle modifications.

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