A Malappuram-based homemaker, 46 years old, was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids. She had been experiencing severe bleeding and unbearable pain during her period for 6 years. She has undergone four normal childbirths. She was having more pain on the second day of her cycle. Her menstrual cycle was regular, but she had heavy bleeding with large multi-clots, and she had been experiencing 3 days of spotting prior to normal flow and flooding on the 3rd and 4th days of the period. The periods were never painful and bled for 4 days previously but last few years periods have become extremely painful with intermittent cramps and bleeding persisted for 7-8 days. She has also experienced unbearable lower back discomfort and a curdy white discharge from her vagina before the onset of her period. These issues affected her daily routine, making her worry about her general health. She consulted a gynaecologist who conducted a thorough examination. The doctor recommended an ultrasound scan that revealed a bulky uterus with intramural fibroids noted in the anterior and posterior myometrium. After consulting with multiple physicians from multiple systems, she visited Sree Subramanya Ayurveda Hospital and underwent treatment for over 9 months. Her lower abdominal pain gradually disappeared and her menstrual cycle returned to normal and showed improvement in her associated complaints.

· Punarnavadi kashayam
· Triphala choorna
· Adeena mura
· Rasnamrutadi kashayam
· Darvyadi choorna
· Sukumara ghrita
· Dashamoolasava +punarnavasava
· Hinguvachadi choornam
· Repeat +karpooradi thailam
· Repeat for 2 months
· Chiruvilwadi +dhanwantharam 101 avarthi 10 drops
· Guggulu panchapala choorna
· Darvyadi choornam
· Repeat the same medicine
· Dashamoola +punarnavasava
· Repeat the same medicine
· Chiruvilwadi kashayam+chiruvilwadi ghrita
· Jatamayadi choorna
· Dashamoolasava +punarnavasava
· Guggulu panchapala choorna
· Darvyadi choorna

Diet recommendations
· Avoid meat,junk food,curd,sweet,sour,heavy to digest foods
· Avoid colours and preservatives in food
· Advised exercises,yoga,meditation
· Advised sleeping at right time
· Advised to eat garlic,red rice,barley,gooseberry like food
(Note* –
· Here are Some of the medications prescribed to address the patient’s accompanying symptoms.
· This is a specialized plan for a person, please do not try it at home without the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor)
Improvement chart

Sl No: Symptoms during menstruation Before treatment After treatment
1 Bleeding Heavy Normal
2 Duration of bleeding 7-8 days 5 days
3 Clots Multiple No clots
4 Abdominal pain Severe
mild tolerable pain
5 Pain Duration 5 days First 2 days
6 Lower back pain Present Nil
7 White discharge Curdy discharge Nil
8 Fibroid Present Present, but size slightly reduced

USG Report Before Treatment

· Anteverted. Enlarged Measures 9.5x 6.7x 8.3cms.
· Two large fibroids noted. Intramural fibroid measuring 4.4x 5cm in anterior myometrium and intramural fibroid measuring 4.4x 4cm in posterior myometrium.
· Endometrial thickness: 5mm. Cavity empty. Cervix appears normal.
· Ovaries: Both ovaries appear normal in size and echotexture.
· No adnexal lesion. No free fluid in POD/Peritoneal cavity No ascites

Ø Fibroid uterus
Ø Grade I fatty liver

USG Report After Treatment

· Distended. No evidence of calculi or focal lesions. Wall thickness normal.
· Anteverted. Measures 10.0×6.9×9.0 cms. bulky. Few intramural fibroids noted in anterior myometrium (1 in nos) and posterior myometrium (2-3 in nos), fibroid in anterior myometrium measuring 4.2×4.0cm, largest fibroid in posterior myometrium measuring 4.4×3.8 cm.
· Endometrial thickness: 9 mm. Cavity empty. Cervix appears normal

· Right ovary appears normal in size and echotexture, Left ovary noted in POD and shows dominant follicle/cyst measuring 2.0×1.8 cm. No free fluid in POD/Peritoneal cavity

Bulky uterus with fibroids (size of the largest fibroids in anterior and posterior myometrium slightly reduced compared to previous USG, however two new smaller fibroids noted in posterior myometrium). – Grade I fatty liver.

Uterine fibroids
Uterine fibroids also known as leiomyomas are the most common pelvic tumours. Many are small and asymptomatic. most patients have multiple fibroids. They tend to enlarge during reproductive years and decrease in size after menopause.
Locations of fibroid: Fibroids are located in or on the uterus. Sometimes fibroids may extend up to the uterine cavity.

Based on the location these are classified into 3:
1. Under the outer surface of the uterus (Subserosal fibroid)
2. In the wall of the uterus (Intramural fibroid)
3. Under the inside layer (lining or endometrium) of the uterus (Submucosal fibroid)

· Many are asymptomatic
· Heavy menstrual bleeding (it can be severe enough to cause anaemia)
· Intermenstrual bleeding-bleeding in between periods
· Pain in the pelvic region
· Urinary urgency
· Increased frequency of urine
· Constipation
· Infertility
· During pregnancy it may cause problems during pregnancy like abortion etc.

Do fibroids shrink naturally after menopause?
Uterine fibroids are influenced by hormones like progesterone and oestrogen. When you reach menopause, these hormone levels drop. Consequently, it can naturally decrease and disappear.


Doctors often recommend surgery or other techniques to remove or eliminate fibroids, as they provide definitive relief from associated burdensome symptoms. many studies proved that hysterectomy is associated with a risk of complications like short and long-term morbidity and mortality.

A review of the article showed that hysterectomy may increase the risk of cardiovascular events, certain cancers, depression, bipolar disorders, post-operative infections, osteoporosis and early menopause. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medication, coupled with some lifestyle modifications, can help to shrink uterine fibroids naturally.
If you’re struggling with troublesome symptoms, there’s no need to suffer in silence, there’s a definitive solution that can bring you the relief you deserve. Let’s work together to find a solution that empowers you to live your best life.

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