Dengue Fever

A patient named Mr Vyshakh, Male aged 29, hailing from Calicut consulted at our opd complaining of fever with severe headache and muscle pain along with joint pain  since 1 week .

As per the symptoms , fever was recorded to be 42dc ,blood test was advised for CBC , platelet , and the result shows a decrease in neutrophils ,leucocytes , thrombocytes, platelet tcount was found . With this it has been diagnosed as Dengue fever . There was no history of bleeding or case of rashes .

Primary management includes elimination the source of vector, as mosquito repellants , protective dressing , next  is drinking lots of fluids , at last comes medication .

According to Ayurveda, this condition has been considered under as Dandaka Jwara .

As per Acharya Charaka ,

“Langhanam swedanam kale yavaguvastikhako rasa

Pachananya vipakvanam doshanam tarune jwara”

Also says….

Jwaradhou langhanam proktam jwara madhye tu pachanam

Jwarandye rechanam …..

As per this treatment principles ,

Initially for all Jwara, langhana(fasting) is the treatment adopted in order to have amapachana which prevents further vitiation of agni. As classics says langhana is done as upavasa , here it is done through yavagu mixed with tikhta pradhana aahara ( guduchi swarasa, parpata )  along with pachana toya,

  • Shadangapaneeyam  ,clears ama considering pitta dosha continued for a week along with Amrutotaram kasayam 90 ml bd ,amritaristam25 ml bd  for residual pachana of dosha
  • Svedana was done with ushnodaka snana .
  • Hot water was given at regular intervals for srotoshodana
  • Dhoopana was advised for the room with aparajita
  • By the end of 3days fever decreased but patient was fatigued , pain still persist.
  • Drakshadi phantam and dadhima swarasam was provided for the next 3 weeks to meet the blood count . Along with this peya with guduchi satva and dadimadhi swarasa was also given.
  • As there  was  utklishta of kapha  ,vamana was done with madanapala pippali ,vacha and yashti madhu .
  • Laja peya was given for 2days after vamana as tarpana of dosha
  • After this if fever doesn’t subside then, virechana is advised but here fever has come down so no virechana is done . if not with virechana only vasti is done.
  • Mudgha yusha is given as diet
  • After this agni bala was strengthened and except fatigue patient was comfortable

Patient was given  7 days complete rest, after that patient was able to do normal duties.

LAB report: Before Treatment

LAB report: After Treatment

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