Ayurveda treatment of dengue fever with no weakness

Mr.Vyshakh,29years old male patient from Calicut was not looking for the treatment of dengue fever when he visited Dr. Sanand with a complaint of fever along with severe headache, muscle pain, and joint pain.
On examination, fever was recorded to be 42`c
When the results of his reports came, we found out

  • CBC results showed a decreased count of neutrophils, leukocytes, thrombocytes, and platelets.
  • There was no history of bleeding or rashes over the skin.
  • Antibody IgG/IgM test showed positive results.

With this a conclusion was drawn with his condition to be of Dengue Fever and steps were taken to avoid any further complication:

  • Primary attention was to eliminate the source of the vector(aedes aegypti mosquito) using mosquito repellents, protective dressing, etc. was done.
  • Intake of fluids.

Ayurvedic treatment for Dengue

In Ayurveda, this condition of dengue is considered as dandaka jwara.

As per Acharya Charaka,

“langhanam swedanam kalo yavagavasthikthako rasa
pachananya vipakvanam doshanam tharune jwara”

Also says,

“jwaradhou langhanam proktham jwara madhye thu pachanam
jwaranthe rechanam …”

So the given treatment for dengue was:
First week:

  • langhana (fasting-complete or partial) -we adopted partial fasting by only consuming rice gruel along with extract of amritha(Tinospora cordifolia) and parpata along with pachana toya.

This was targeted to correct his digestive fire and associated metabolism.

  • shadanga paniya- This resolves the condition of ama,(that is the state of vitiated kapha encircling other doshas here in pitta dosha).
  • amrtotharam kashayam 90ml bid
  • amrtarishta 25ml bid
  • swedana(sudation)-By hot water bathing.
  • dhoopana(fumigation)-with aparajita(Clitoria ternatia).

Next three weeks:

  • drakshadi phanta
  • dadhimadi swarasa(pomegranate juice).

It was aimed at restoring the blood cell count.

  • vamana(deliberate therapeutic emesis) was done to reduce the effect of kapha.
  • laja peya(popped rice gruel) for two days following vamana.
  • mudgha yusha(preparation using green gram).

Was Vyshakh able to find the treatment of dengue fever?

Within three days, his temperature was in the normal range, and by the end of treatment duration, only fatigue was the problem to be dealt. 

Later, all tests for dengue antibody IgM/IgG results came negative and complete rest was advised for one week, after which the patient was able to go back to his routine, and there were no further complaints of the patient. 

You may go through the reports of investigations done before and after treatment below:

Before Treatment
After Treatment
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