Surprising treatment of brain stroke instead of back pain

Dinesh, a 40years old male from Vengeri, Calicut  was looking for the treatment of back pain in Calicut. He was suffering from low back pain radiating to the left leg; he also felt reduced strength in the left lower limb for six months.

Pain aggravated while in the prone position and also while walking. He consulted an allopathic physician and took internal medicines, including steroids, to bring the pain down. On the fourth day of medication, the patient felt a heaviness on the left side of the body. On examination, a stroke was confirmed, and after the attack of stroke, the earlier symptoms got aggravated to an extent where he could no longer walk without support.

He was on

  • ecospirin gold 20 0-0-1 a/f
  • glyciphage 1gm sr 1-0-1 b/f
  • amlodac 5 1-0-1 a/f

Symptoms on examination:

  • Gait- antalgic gait
  • Slr test- +ve on left thigh(65′)
  • Appetite- decreased
  • Bowel- irregular
  • Sleep- disturbed
  • Micturition- normal

Ayurveda treatment for back pain post-stroke

  • rasna sapthaka kashayam+vatarakshasa bhasmam
  • rasnamrutham+yogaraja guggulu

We had to modify the treatment for Deepak’s back pain on receiving a complaint about severe pain in the lower back region and left thigh

  • nirgundi swarasa(25ml)+eranda tailam(25ml) internally.

change of treatment plan worked for Deepak, and he felt a reduction in pain

Panchakarma treatment for back pain included

  • yoga vasti(enema)
  • choorna vasti
  • choornakizhi
  • theppu to lower back
  • tailavasti
  • kashaya vasti
  • lekhana vasti
  • ksheeravasti
  • kativasti
  • lavana kizhi
  • dhanyamla dhara(local)
  • raktamokshanam

After 35 days of ayurvedic treatment for back pain, there was a significant change in deepak’s health, and there was a reduction in pain.

Later he was advised to continue oral ayurvedic medicine for back pain and his overall health:

  • rasnasapthakam kashayam+vatarakshasa bhasamam
  • rasnamrutham+yogaraja guggulu
  • chandramrutham tailam for body application
  • ksheerabala taila for head application
  • rasnadi choornam for head application

Was Deepak able to find his cure for back pain?

By the end of his stay at our nursing home, he could walk without any support. Complete Relief from pain and improvement in the strength of the left leg was attained.

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