SSANH is an ayurvedic hospital in Kerala running under the guidance of thekkayil family, one of the oldest families practicing ayurveda in Kerala.Ayurveda is not just practised as a treatment at SSANH but as a lifestyle for patients and doctors both. They believe ayurveda as a medicine system can immensely benefit patients if practised in its purest form. SSANH as a traditional ayurveda & panchakarma hospital offers its services for walk-in consultations and in-patient treatments.

1)Facilities for consultation

If you are looking to visit SSANH for consultation, you need to start the procession from the reception. You collect a file at reception and pay the consultation fee of INR 100 including the registration fee. After collecting the file, you move towards the waiting area in front of the reception where you are attended and assisted either by the operation manager Mrs. Rashmi or a consultation coordinator.

There is an option to park your vehicle in the parking area, while autos or taxis can also park in the parking zone adjacent to the reception.

For the payment of consultation fee, medicine purchase, or any other charges, you can use:

  1. Cash payment

  2. UPI/ GPay/ Paytm

  3. Net banking

Note* Payment details and assistance are readily available at the reception.

Once you have obtained your file, you will be directed towards Vaidya Rajaratnam’s room or Dr. Sanand’s room adjacent to the reception. The rooms differ from each other on the basis of their nature, where one is designed as a modern consultation room whereas the other is more accustomed to the old age consultation room. Generally, consultation takes place for 10-15 minutes but depending on the case it might extend or reduce as well.

If you are looking to book your appointment prior to your visit then click here  

Once your consultation is completed, you can visit the pharmacy section across the hall at the backside of the reception. Submit your case file at the pharmacy counter and you can wait on the benches arranged alongside the rooms or you can take a stroll around the hospital premises to learn more about ayurveda. There are detailed posters on the walls to explain the micro and macro details about the Ayurveda treatment at SSANH.

2) Facilities for in-patient admission

If you are planning to undergo in-patient treatment at SSANH from outside Kerala or India then you do have the option of traveling by air or rail. Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home is about 7 km away from the Kozhikode Railway Station and 30 km away from the Calicut International Airport.

Nearby Railway stations: 

@ Kozhikode Railway Station (7 km)

@ Vadakara Railway Station (44 km)

@ Tirur Railway Station (55 km)

@ Kannur Railway station (90 km)

Nearby Airports:

@ Calicut International Airport. (30km)

@ Kannur International Airport (90 km)

@ Kochi International Airport (175 km)

@ Coimbatore International Airport (200 km)

Rooms for accommodation are customized to complement the treatment of patients and their requirements, there are 4 options for accommodation at SSANH:

Economy room (basic)

These rooms are ideal for single patients visiting for treatment without a companion to accompany them throughout the treatment. Generally local patients stay in these rooms and their family members visit on a daily basis but there is no restriction on locality as such. This is a small room where basic amenities are provided for the patients to undergo the treatment.

Amenities: 1 small room, 2 cots, 1 fan, attached bathroom, washbasin, dustbin, medimix soap, 1 table, and 1 bucket.

Economy room(Spacious)

These rooms are ideal for single patients visiting for treatment with a companion to accompany them throughout the treatment.  The basic advantage over the basic category of economic rooms is the size of the room  and the bed provided for the companion. This category is ideal for people looking for a budget accomodation for the treatment with all the necessary amenities.

Amenities: 1 spacious room, 2 cots, 1 fan, attached bathroom, washbasin, dustbin, medimix soap, 1 table, and 1 bucket.

Ward Room

There are 6 separte room in a ward and is ideal for one person with no bystander or visitor. This room does not have a separate bathroom but has one common bathroom for the 6 rooms. This category is ideal for people looking for a budget accomodation for the treatment with all the necessary amenities and visiting without a bystander. It is also good for daily patients coming for treatment in case of availability.

Amenities: 1 small room, 1 cots, 1 fan, common bathroom, dustbin, medimix soap and 1 table.

Tv room

This room packs amenities ideal for a single patient without a companion or old age couple staying for 14 days and above. This category of room provides basic amenities with an option for entertainment. This room is ideal for people who seek a source of entertainment during their extended stay at SSANH and are fine without air-conditioning.

Amenities: 1 spacious room,1 Color TV with 150 channels, 2 queen size cots, 1 fan,1 chair, Attached Bathroom, Washbasin, dustbin,  medimix soap, 1 table, and 1 bucket.

Deluxe room

Deluxe category is one of our premium category room rooms where we offer services to patients who are seeking a certain standard of living during their stay.This category room is suitable for two people or a single person with domestic help accustomed to a cold climate or living in AC.

Amenities: 1 spacious room,1 Color TV, 1 double bed, 1 fan,1 chair, 1 Almirah, Attached Bathroom, Washbasin, dustbin, medimix soap, 1 table, and 1 bucket.

Premier Room

This room is built considering the luxury in mind and having a balcony attached to the room adds airy feel to the ambience of the room. This room is ideal for small families looking for Air Conditioned accommodation and extra beds/cots are arranged with a slight adjustment in cost.

Amenities: 1 spacious room,1 Color TV, 1 double bed, 1 fan,1 chair, 1 Almirah, Attached Bathroom, Washbasin, dustbin, medimix soap, 1 table, and 1 bucket.


  • Service charge is not included in the room charges

  • Ground floor is allotted to the patients with a disability in walking as the treatment rooms are on the same floor and food can be delivered to the room with a slight adjustment in cost.

  • We do not have a lift or escalator facility and the patients have to climb stairs if they are alloted room on the first or the second floor.

Once the patients are settled in their rooms, they have a routine according to the routine suggested by the doctors

Therapies/ External treatments are given in the treatment rooms available on the ground floor and first floor. Treatment rooms for male and female are separate and external treatments for female patients are given by the female therapist whereas male therapist performs treatments for male patients. Treatment rooms are assigned on the basis of schedule and the type of therapy required.


Food for patients, companions, staff members, and doctors is cooked in our own in-house kitchen by our cooking staff. We only provide light food catering for both North Indian and South Indian cuisine.

The only option for the patient is to eat the light food that we are going to provide them.

This is done to develop a habit and get them accustomed to the diet. As the patients go back home, they can further continue their diet and the lifestyle corrected by our doctors.

It is very important for patients to not only eat light food while they are under treatment but also after leaving the hospital premises so that their metabolism can be restored back to health. We ensure our services deliver holistic cure not just disease management to the patients.

Sanitisation and cleaning are taken care of by our staff on a daily basis where they make sure to clean the room and the hospital premises. We not only clean the floors but we also perform dhoopanam, an ayurvedic procedure to cleanse the environment of harmful viruses and bacteria without using harmful chemicals.

SSANH is well equipped to handle patients’ conditions during the course of treatment. However, In case there is an emergency with a patient, we have a tie-up with MIMS hospital calicut to provide emergency care to patients.

Facilities we offer

Our doctors will conduct two rounds to consult with the patients in order to understand the health updates of before and after the treatment for the day. There is a doctor available 24×7 who can be contacted in case of any emergency.

We manufacture our own medicine under Sree subramania ayurvedic products hence ensuring the quality of medicine we provide. 80% of the medicine given to the patients is inhouse whereas in some cases we use medicine from Arya Kottakal, Vaisyaratnam etc.

We have 5 treatment rooms in our building, 3 for female patients and 2 for male patients which are managed, operated by male and female staff respectively. We will call patients to come to the treatment room 15-30 min prior to the scheduled treatment.

Our rooms are categorised according to the requirement of the patients to avail AC room or to avail a basic room. We provide different service through the rooms as every patient is different and they need to feel homely, confortable at our institution.

We provide homely cooked meals from our own canteen; our menu is made up of Local dishes from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We follow the classical ayurvedic textbooks by providing patients with the local dishes which also helps us in the treatment process.

We provide on demand staff support i.e., If a patient requires a nursing staff to help them reach the treatment room or the kitchen staff to deliver food to the room, you can discuss the requirements on the reception and someone will be assigned accordingly.