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Prevent COVID from your kitchen

India, the origin of Ayurveda, where food habits were developed to provide nutrition as well as enhance the taste. I am sure you all know about the universal acceptance of Indian food throughout the world and the popularity of Indian dishes, even in foreign countries, so we do not need to discuss the taste of Indian cuisine. As an Ayurveda center, we are accustomed to hosting international patients every month and getting to know their review about our food, about our culture and the spices are very common to us but when they say that they loved their stay and “ESPECIALLY THE FOOD,” it makes us proud

I am sure you cannot forget the taste of Pani Puri (Gol Gappa, Gup Chup), but did you know that the solution in which it is dipped contains ” Hing, “”Mint leaves,” “pepper” etc. , which are a few of the Ayurvedic medicine for treating stomach issues. Did you ever wonder, other than enhancing the taste, why do we use that solution? Why not ketchup or something else? If you want to find the answer to that question, then you can try eating the same amount of Pani puri without the solution, which you generally eat with the solution. 

Do let us know how it went and sorry in advance …. 

In the current world, we are now inclined towards Junk food, we are more fascinated about it and social media is one of the most significant source for our cravings, but that is not important for now, what’s essential in the current situation of the pandemic is to stay safe and keep our immunity high. We are also aware of the fact that we all would have thought, “We are eating less, but we still are suffering from digestive issues like tiredness, bloating, acidity or constipation.” 


Digesting a loaded pizza requires an excessive amount of work to be done from our digestive system leading to tiredness and a release of excess acids which will definitely digest some of the food, but some would be left as a residual which would not have been digested, it will start decomposing inside the body. Now imagine that decomposed food is staying in our body for more than 1 day.Let’s give you a better picture, compare it with cooked food left out in the open for two days, how much fungus will it be having.

Do you think that food will give you nutrition or will help you in boosting your immunity?

Did you ever wonder why these foods contain acidity regulators? Do let us know how that affects your digestion and immunity in the comment section.


What should we do to boost our immunity

“Food is the best medicine.”

If you believe in this quote, you can understand how important your food habits are during this COVID_19 pandemic, staying home for work; trying to avoid going out; getting stressed from work, gaining weight, etc. You definitely understand the importance of lifestyle, and with changing times, we do need to adapt to a change in lifestyle where eating right is very important. 

What is the best diet to restore our immunity and improve it?

1) The best food habit to boost immunity

Immunity, Best diet, Ayurveda diet, Immunity boosting food

2) The best taste of food to improve immunity

We need to make sure that we take all types of rasa (taste) in our diet, i.e., making sure we eat a balanced diet based on the taste. Want to know what are the different types of rasa? Follow us on Instagram:

Rasa, Type of rasa, Types of taste

Ayurveda has a deeper understanding of herbs, and there are few extra things we can prepare, or we can add to our daily diet to reap the most benefit out of our new lifestyle change, some of these had been in our tradition from long, and some dishes can be unique for you to try but rest assured you will love them and the aftereffect would make you fall for them even more.

You can eat traditional foods with some of the below-mentioned products, they are widely used as medicine because of their antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, Detoxing, Diuretic properties and are very rich in antioxidants to improvement in immunity

3) Add these traditional dishes made out of ayurvedic herbs and spices in your diet

1) Garlic (Lehsun): It protects us from a lung infection, reduces joint pain and weight, etc. Whereas it is used in making traditional dishes like Garlic pickle, Lehsun ki chutney, Garlic Naan. It also used in marinating and Sautéing (tadka) for various veg and non-veg curries

2) Turmeric (Haldi): Turmeric is used for external application as antiseptic, whereas it helps to reduce the risk of cancer and reduces diabetes as well. Traditional food items made from turmeric include raw turmeric pickle whereas Turmeric Milk, Besan ki Kadhi are few dishes where turmeric is one of the main component. 

3) Coriander(Dhaniya): It can help prevent food poisoning, reduces cholesterol, and blood sugar.Traditional food made from Raw Corriender includes chutney, Rasam, Lemon Coriander soup, Corriender coffee, and Corriender rice. It is also used for garnishing food.

4) Methi: It can help reduce skin inflammation and in the prevention of diabetes, Traditional food made from Raw Methi includes Methi Parantha, Aloo methi, Methi ka Palak. 

5) Jaggery: It helps preventing anemia and respiratory diseases like flu, Bronchitis, whereas it also relieves joint pain. Traditional food made from Jaggery includes Pumpkin, tomato curry with added Jaggery, and in the dessert section, we add Jaggery in laddu, barfi, Groundnut chikki, Sesame chikki, Ella Ada whereas Jaggery alone is also used as a desert. Remember  “The darker the jaggery, the better”


4) Use the below herbs as an additive in your diet to add value for your health

1) Hing (Asophoteda ) for sautéing or merely adding to the curry

2) Rock salt (Sendha namak) instead of table salt

3) Peppe (Kali mirch) instead of some of the red chilly powder

4) Kalonji as an additive to your bread or instead of the mustard seed to fry

5) Cumin (Jeera) instead of the mustard seed for frying or in powdered form in nutter milk

6) Carrom seed (Ajwain) as an additive to your bread or instead of mustard seed

These herbs will not only enhance the taste but will also improve the smell of the food. These herbs in India are said to be responsible for avoiding many digestive issues; you might have seen some of these been used by your mother or granny. These kinds of spices will not let the indigested food form fungus inside the stomach hence reducing indigestion and reducing the chances of diseases, finally allowing the body to better absorb the vitamin and minerals from the food, restoring immunity and digestive system. 

It is essential to put the right quantity of these herbs in the food. If you put an amount more than a certain level, you might face different problems, like constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, etc.


What is the right quantity of these ayurvedic spices and herbes in our food?

All we need to make sure is having one of the dishes made from these spices and herbs daily to ensure the proper functioning of the stomach and let our body enjoy the various benefits of each of these products. We are not trying to treat any disease via these spices and herbs; we aim to improve the daily life functions of the body and boost immunity to help us through this pandemic.

Can this change in lifestyle help your country while improving your health ?

India produces about 75 of the 109 varieties listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The range of spices growing does not make us responsible for producing them more, only if the people are consuming those spices they will be produced. Which means that significant chunk of Indian population should be using one of these herbs and spices and we are trying to encourage that which will help your health as well as the farmers who are trying to grow this, where they will also be able to sell the premium quality of their products in the local market. Its time we try the local produce rather than just going on for brands though a lot of standardization has to come in this, it’s a surety that locally produced products will be fresh and if you can identify the stores or seller for you that will be the best. 

Now we have a vast knowledge of how we can use these spices and herbs, we have been using them for more than 5000 years now all we need to make sure that we consume some of them daily. Let’s bring our tradition back, let’s bring the traditional food in our kitchen and restore the immunity. 

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