Specialised Treatment for Varicose Vein [Treat Varicose Vein without Surgery]

Varicose vein has become a common disease today. It occurs when blood flow in the veins is interrupted.
Do you know? Over 30% of adults in India suffer from varicose vein

What are Varicose Veins?

There are certain valves present in the veins that facilitate the upward flow of the blood. Any damage to these valves affects the movement of the blood flow. As a result, veins become swollen and dilated. In most cases, varicose vein starts with a dull ache in your leg. You’re likely to ignore the pain in the beginning. Later, the pain becomes severe and you might notice a change in colour on the affected area due to blood clogging and itching. You may not be able to stand or sit for a long time.

What causes varicose veins?

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic heart valve conditions 
  • Prolonged sitting/ standing 
  • Menopause 
  • Hormonal imbalance

How to Treat Varicose vein?

Ayurveda offers different treatment methods to cure varicose veins without surgery. Before thinking about surgery, you should look at effective Ayurvedic treatment methods for varicose veins.Let’s have a look at some of the most effective treatments for varicose veins in Ayurveda

1) Leech therapy

You’re likely to get scared if you’re hearing about this treatment for the first time!

Did you know?
Leech therapy is widely popular across the globe. 

Leeches have been used for rakta moksha (detoxification of blood) in Ayurveda for years. 

The secretion of leeches contains anticoagulants that help prevent blood from clotting.
Leech therapy is a painless and effective treatment to cure varicose veins. 

Wondering how leech therapy is done?

Leech therapy is carried out by using organically grown medicinal leeches to remove impure blood from the body. The process involves detoxifying the blood. The bite of leech has an anesthetic effect rather than pain and it reduces itching.

Leeches are placed on the affected area and they are allowed to suck the impure blood.  They inject anticoagulants into the body through their saliva. During the therapy, leeches secrete peptides and proteins that prevent blood clotting. 

The duration of the therapy is around 20 – 40 minutes. Leech therapy instantly reduces the pain in the affected area and unclogs veins to facilitate the seamless flow of blood.

We can see the colour changes in the affected area after leech therapy. Also, it helps reduce swelling. 

Leeches can be considered “natural needles” that pierce into your body and detoxify the blood without any incisions. So it’s an option worth considering before opting a surgery.

Does leech therapy have side effects?
The greatest advantage of leech therapy is you don’t have to worry about its side effects. Moreover, it is very safe and highly effective.
At Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, we provide leech therapy to treat varicose veins

2) Lepam

Lepam is yet another effective treatment method for varicose veins. As we discussed earlier, the varicose vein is the result of blood clogging in the veins. Lepam eases blood circulation and relieves the veins

Lepam is basically Panchakarma therapy, which involves applying a herbal paste on the affected area of the body.  The paste for lepam is made using a combination of herbal powders.

Lepam: Procedure

A combination of herbs and medicated oils are mixed to form a thick herbal paste. This herbal paste is applied to the affected area of the body and it is left there to dry. Once it gets dry, it is removed using warm water.

A combination of herbs and medicated oils are mixed to form a thick herbal paste. This herbal paste is applied to the affected area of the body and it is left there to dry. Once it gets dry, it is removed using warm water. 

How it heals varicose vein?

The herbal paste, which contains a blend of medicated oils and herbs, reduces the pain and swelling on the affected area, and leaves the muscles relaxed. Upon applying the herbal paste the patient feels a heating sensation, but it helps relieve the pain. 

Lepam therapy is a safe and effective method to cure varicose veins in adults. There are definitely no side effects. 

Apart from easing the joint pain due to inflammation, lepam is used to revive the skin condition and nourish the cells. It also relaxes the mind and body. 

3) Vasti

Vasti is a prominent treatment in Ayurveda for varicose veins. Basically, it helps detoxify the body. It is an effective treatment method to reduce pain, swelling, and itching due to varicose veins. 

How Vasti is done?

In vasti, medicated oils are administered to expel toxins from the body. 

For Vasti,  some herbal decoctions and a combination of medicated oils are used to reduce Vata dosha. 

Specialized treatments like Anuvasana vasti and Asthapana vasti can effectively cure varicose veins. 

Anuvasana vasti is administered through the anal route. The medicine is allowed to stay longer in the intestine to remove toxins from the body. Anuvasana vasti basically nourishes the body and it is carried out after proper intake of food. 

Asthapana vasti is administered through the anal route on an empty stomach. After administering the medicine, the patient is allowed to rest until he/she feels the urge to defecate. 

In Asthapana vasti medicine should not stay in the body for a longer period. Here medicated food is given to the patient throughout the day. 

How to prevent Varicose Vein? 

Nutritious diet 

Maintaining a nutritious diet and proper body weight can help prevent varicose veins.

For instance, onion facilitates proper protein distribution. Garlic boosts protein distribution in lower limbs and provides strength to your legs. 

Regular Exercise 

If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, you’re likely to have varicose veins in the future.

Exercise regularly. But it doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym daily for hardcore weightlifting!
Just do simple exercises like walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. 

If you can’t find much time to do that, just stretch your legs when you’re sitting. It helps! 


Yoga is one of the most effective ways to prevent varicose veins. 

The greatest advantage of yoga is it helps relieve your mind and body without much physical effort.
Certain yogic postures like Virasana (hero pose), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Bhujangasana (cobra pose) can be perofmed regularly to prevent varicose vein.

At Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, we provide a range of specialized treatments for the varicose vein that gives you permanent cure from varicose veins without surgery.
Look at how we treated a patient with acute varicose veins and varicose ulcer

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