Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home was the Right Choice for my Treatment

Living in Abu Dhabi for the past few years in air conditioning and day to day stress had me ignore my high ESR reading for over 4 years until it manifested into pains in legs, hands, shoulders along with numbness.  Allopathic doctors in the Gulf region who looked for quick relief suggested a dosage of cortico steroid with a warning message that it would affect the eye.  The immediate alternative suggested for rheumatoid arthritis has effective cure in ayurveda.

Calicut being my home town, friends referred me to go and consult at Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home quoting that his brother was miraculously cured from here.  All major allopathic hospitals had suggested a surgery for his brother’s disk complaint and he visited SSANH as a last ray of hope.  By god’s grace, at SSANH he has fully recovered and was back in the pick of his health.

His story was an inspiration for me to choose SSANH to cure my multiple complications that included gall bladder store, fatty liver and simple hyperplasia that as detected a year after my delivery.

The treatment here at SSANH followed the “ panchakarma ” – 5 karmas methodology virechana, nasya, vasti and rakthamokshana.  The Panchakama detoxifies and purifies the body.  This was achieved through strict vegetarian diet, hot massages, oil massages, purgation and enema that removed accumulated doshas (impurities) from their sites of origin.  The treatments were meant not only to detoxify but also to improve blood circulation, metabolism, remove fatty deposit and even to cure diabetes mellitus.

As I get discharged after a month of in-house treatment at SSANH, my obesity has gone and got a reduction of weight by 7 kgs. ESR is in normal range, iron and vitamins restored, pre-diabetic in a well controlled range not to speak of the arthritis which seemed a past.

SSANH no doubt was the right choice for my treatment and it helped me get rid of the multiple health problems with the right combination of diet and medications.  I feel rejuvenated and look forward to resuming normal life with increased enthusiasm.  In all ways, the experience here was an eye-opener for the harmony of the body and mind, to maintain a balanced diet amidst hustle and bustle of a metro life.  I sincerely thank Dr. Rajarathanam Vydyar, founder of this great establishment, Dr. Sanand who was very consistent, Dr. Jinsha who cared for every minute detail.  The therapists’ team led by Asha also has done a very sincere and fabulous job.  The in house attendants and staff were extraordinarily caring and loving.  Last but not the least, the people who cooked the best satvik food have to applauded.  I carry a lesson from here: “FOLLOW NATURE AND NATURE CURES”

Thanks to the team at SSANH.

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I have a similiar story. It does wonders.
It’s like a home away from home to me. All the best to the hospital and the doctors.

We are always at your service.
Such feedback motivate us.
Look forward to continue our service to the best professional manner.

Even I had a very good experience,it was a pure ayurveda treatement which gives physical and spiritual equilibrium. And I am much more satisfied with the way of treatement i had and the plus point is they are always in our service to help and guide us still, after leaving from there.This hospital is dedicated to the service and comfort of the patients.It is not merely an hospital,but a home frome where we can find solutions of our health problems in a scientific way from ancient science.Relax,refresh and rejuvenate urself with the system of medicine which has been established widely as Ayurveda .Whole team is really appreciatable.
I just thought I need to take a moment to thank u all ! Everyone of u have been so kind,friendly, helpful ,professional &caring !I am so pleased to be there.All the best to hospital,doctors and therapists.

Thanks you very much. We appreciate your good comments, it really motivates us.
We, Team SSANH surely assure one and all to utilize the best of our knowledge
and services to the society at large. We are always at your service.

I fully endorse the story of treatment and cure undergone by Subha narrated above. I had similar problems and Ayurvedic treatment done at SSANH at Calicut was fabulous. I understand and recommend Ayurvedic treatment for all arthritic related diseases which normally occur when age pass by. Thanks.

Team SSANH are grateful for the comments. It motivates us and assure that
our work have benefited the society. It humbles us to do more.

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