Varicose ulcer picture before and after varicose ulcer treatment in Calicut.

Case study of varicose ulcer treatment in Calicut: 20 years old wound

This is a case of varicose ulcer with a history of 20 years in a 48 years old male patient, who came to us with a complaint of an oozing wound with severe burning pain surrounded by dry, itchy patches on the medial side of the left ankle for 20 years. When Dr.Sanand started inquiring about his disease history and current condition, he found out that the patient is a non-smoker and non-alcoholic.

The wound was worsening gradually over the last six months, burning type of pain increases during day time after prolonged standing. He consulted an allopathic physician who prescribed him anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, which gave him temporary relief, but when the same condition started reoccurring, he thought of consulting an Ayurveda doctor

Treatment For Varicose Ulcer:

After careful examination, the diagnosis of sira granthi vranam was confirmed.

First 5 days,
Internal medications like:

  • Mahatikthakam kashayam with kaisora guggulu.
  • Sarasaparila
  • Raktha vridhi sindhuram

External therapeutic measures like:

  • Kashaya Dhara(local)
  • Leech therapy on alternate days.

Next five day

  • Vatari rasam with chandramarutham
  • Khadirarishtam

And externally:

  • Lepanam with eladi choornam mixed with buttermilk
  • Choorna kizhi locally
  • Choorna vasti

Later, treatments like Navara Kizhi were given to nourish the body and the surrounding area of the wound caused with varicose ulcer. 

Were we able to find the treatment for varicose ulcer in ayurveda?

After first five days of treatment, the itching patches cleared up and generalized burning pain was also relieved, but the pain in the shin of the left leg and oozing ulcer persistedIn the next five days, the oozing got cleared, and pain subsided, and finally, the patient got discharged on the 21st day of admission. He was advised to take proper rest and diet.

Along with medications like:

  • Mahatikthakam kashayam with kaishora Guggulu
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Raktha vriddhi sindhuram for the next 30 days.

You may go through the varicose ulcer pictures before and after treatment:

Varicose ulcer picture before and after varicose ulcer treatment in Calicut.

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