Efficacy of vasthi in the management of Lumbar disc bulge

The 37yr old patient was admitted in our hospital with complaints of LBA radiating to left lower limb with severe numbness and difficulty in walking. MRI Report(Dated 31/10/2014) shows Posterior and posterolateral disc prolapse at L4/L5 causing moderate thecal sac and L5 root compression.

We started IP treatments with internal medicines. He was given Choornakizhi, Choornavasthi, Lepanam, yogavasthi, kativasthi, lavanakizhi,Pizhichil. From the 12th day of treatment he got relief in pain and on the 15th day numbness in lower limbs decreased. After 25days of treatment he was able to walk without any difficulty and discharged from the hospital. He was under medication for about 2months. And the same treatment were repeated for following year. MRI taken after 2 courses of treatment shows significant difference in the disc bulge. It can be clearly seen in the following MRI image.

treatment after VASTI


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