Avail the Benefits from Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis Offered in Kerala

Arthritis is a severe disease which is characterized by inflammation in one or more joints. Pain and stiffness are the two main symptoms of this disease which gets worsens as the person ages. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, infectious, psoriatic arthritis and gout are some of its common types. The basic causes of this health complication can be injury, metabolic abnormalities, heredity factors, some kind of infection and autoimmunity. If you are looking forward an effective remedy for this disease, then you can try Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis offered by reputed Ayurveda centers and hospitals in Kerala. Kizhi, elakizhi and podikizhi are famous Ayurveda treatment beneficial for management of different types of joint pains caused due to arthritis.


Kizhi is a massage which is offered by using small herbal pouches containing leaves & powders of medicinal herbs heated in medicinal oils that have anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This therapy is useful for opening the channels of lymphatic nodes and makes the patient feel relaxed. The main benefits of kizhi are promotion of blood circulation, reduction of joint pain and stiffness, improvement of flexibility and mobility, reduction in inflammation and finally alleviating arthritis pain.


‘Ela’ means leaf and ‘kizhi’ means bundle, so elakizhi is a type of sudation therapy performed using herbal leaves. Elakizhi or Patrawedam is a highly rejuvenating treatment useful for treating the ailments affecting the bones and joints. Fried herbal leaves are tied in cloth bundles and massage is given to the patient. These bundles are warmed in medicated oils and used to massage neck, shoulder, hand and back. The massage is given for 45 minutes per day for 7 to 14 days. Elakizhi is highly advisable for bone and joint conditions such as arthritis, spinal problems, spondylitis and also sport injuries. Some other benefits of this treatment are relieving pain, stimulating the nerve endings and helping to treat disease like paralysis and convulsions.


Podikizhi is an ayurvedic treatment effective in curing neuro-muscular diseases, paralysis and arthritis. This treatment is performed using powdered roots of herbal plants that are fried and then tied in a muslin cloth. The bundle is heated and soaked in herbal oil. It is rhythmically dabbed and massaged on different parts of the body. This gentle massage is carried out for 45 minutes. It increases the peripheral blood supply and makes the skin glowing. It is a wonderful technique useful for relaxing the patient and relieving stress. Moreover, it removes toxins through the pores of the skin and lowers the possibility of skin diseases.

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