Ananya’s treatment for spine injury

Ananya, a 23year old female architect/blogger, approached us while looking at treatment for spine injury after being met with a car accident and underwent emergency treatment near her home. She was in emergency care after the accident, where MRI scans, CT scans, and XRays were done to find out more about her situation. Fractured transverse process on L2, L3, and L4 vertebrae(L) side was discovered.

She left the emergency care hospital hoping to recover with four weeks of bed rest as told by her respective doctor, but the dizziness wouldn’t stop even after following all the instructions given to her by her doctor, i.e., restricted movements and bed rest. She was feeling immense pain in the lower back and it became challenging for her to lift her left leg, which affected her in walking, sitting, or any other movements required for her daily routine. Later, she also started observing dizziness while getting up or while she was trying to lay down. 

This was when Ananya thought of consulting Dr. Sanand at Sree Subhramanya Ayurveda Nursing Home. She was walking with the help of a walker when she came to us looking at treatment for spine injury in Calicut. The doctors here at SSANH took a different approach by starting therapies to strengthen and resolve issues associated with her spine rather than just letting her rest all day, which in future might have resulted in bedsores. 

Ayurveda Treatment for back pain in her condition suggests:

  1. Nasyam
  2. Abhyangam
  3. Pizhichil
  4. Lepam
  5. Shirodhara

along with oral medications and proper diet.

Was Ananya able to find the cure for back pain?

Ananya started feeling changes in her condition within two days of treatment, where she felt more energetic than when she started the treatment. In seven-day time dizziness not present and finally, with fourteen days of traditional ayurvedic therapies and care. The patient could walk freely without any support. She was utterly pleased and satisfied with the treatment provided.

She wrote about her experience of ayurvedic treatment for back pain in her blog

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