Intervertrebral Disc Prolapsed and its Management in the Yogic Method

Yoga is not an exercise. Yoga is an approach to a perfect body and a perfect mind, and it relates to the five kosas of the human body.  The first being for the attainment of bliss i.e, Samadhi, other four Kosas are Annamayakosa, Manomayakosa, Pranamayakosa and Vijnanamayakosa.

Annamayakosa  – meant the Physique and yoga therapy for this kosa are (1) Food regulation or Naturopathy, where intake ofonly raw vegetable, juice, mixed vegetable juice along with the juice of karuka (Cynodon dactylon) grass which is good for nervous system are advised; and (2) Yogasana with correct body postures while sitting/resting are advised.

Manomayakosa, stress that (1) Mind plays an important role in the occurrence of the diseases which the modern medicine terms psychosomatic diseases. It is estimated about 85% of the modern diseases are psychic.  In this case, patients are advised to practice savasana and yoganidra  in order to achieve relaxation leading to lessening the muscular spasm in the spinal column of the patient. (2) Meditation is the solution for all psychosomatic diseases. The right meditation for this is cittavrittinirodha for attainment of dhyana; and (3) Autosuggestion, a powerful technique of treatment by mental visualization. Therefore, three suggestions are relaxation, meditation and autosuggestion.

Pranamayakosa is stimulation of prana by practicing paranayama and certain other techniques of Yoga through which all the diseases will be cured. Reiki practice, pranic healing etc. based on the prana force inside the body are different techniques to stimulate prana. The lumbar region which is directy connected with manipuarkacakra, and the cervical area connected with visuddhicakra are stimulated with certain techniques to cure diseases like IVDP and degeneration of spine.

Vijnanamayakosa, Practice of right sitting and lying postures to support muscles around the spine are necessary for the health of the spine. Lakhubhujangsana, Sarpasana, Makarasana, Dhanurasana, kandharasana, marjarasana, vyaghrasana and salabhasana are recommended.

Importance of Undergoing Detoxification before Starting Yoga

Panchakarma for complete purification of the Body

What is Panchakarma treatment?

Ayurvedic Panchakarma procedures is a set of treatments( five procedures) administered to the patient for the complete Cleansing (detoxification) of the body. Five Purificatory procedure are Vamana, Virechana, Anuavasana Vasthi, AsthapanaVasthi and Nasyam.

Ayurveda says, the detoxification of the body is very much essential before undergoing any other major treatment. Even for healthy people, it is advised to undergo this treatment once in a year for removing all the impurities and chemical toxins it accumulates over the years. Panchakarma therapies can cure many chronic ailments that will not require any further treatments afterwards.

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