Low back pain success story of a site supervisor

Mr. Shawnawaz Khan, male/43 years, who hails from Trichy, Tamilnadu State, was working as a Site Supervisor in a firm and was leading a normal life. He developed pain on the lower back area subsequently around 4 years back (2014) and had not taken his illness seriously.Since the pain got increased he was bound to take advice of a doctor for Allopathic treatment. After using pain killer tablets and injections, the pain got reduced momentarily. The patient continued to do his routine work for about a year with that momentary relief.

Following year (2015), the pain got further developed and started radiating to left leg and felt numbness in the same leg on and off. This time the pain was of pulling type and so severe, the patient was almost bed ridden. The allopathic doctor was consulted again who advised MRI. The MRI result revealed that the patient has disc bulge and suggested for surgical intervention. The patient was reluctant to undergo surgery.

He then sought second opinion from other doctors who also had advised for surgical intervention. Subsequently, one of his colleagues recommended him to undergo Ayurvedic treatment and suggested Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, Kozhikode for the course.

He then approached our Nursing Home for Ayurvedic treatment. The patient visited our Nursing Home in 2015 and underwent 21 days treatment. The treatment included Choornakizhi, Yogavasti, Kativasti in the first week and from the second week onwards the patient began feeling relief. The radiating pain on leg subsided but the numbness on the lower back continued to persist. Patient was advised to continue medication. When he felt improvement after medication, and the patient was discharged.

Next year (2016), the patient visited our Nursing Home again as he developed body ache. He was not able to climb stairs freely. This time another course of treatment for 27 days with additional medications of Lavanakizhi and Lepam was administered. There was great relief after the next course of treatment and numbness got subsided. His bodily movements became regular and there was great relief. He was able to climb stairs without strain.

The patient was happy with the treatment, particularly because a surgery could be avoided his case. He is absolutely a normal person now and discharging his duties with utmost satisfaction.

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