Treatment Experience of a Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient


Mrs. Anupama hailing from Chengannur, came to our hospital for the treatment of Arthritis. When she came here she was reportedly suffering from multiple joint pain especially in right lower leg. In 2018 April, the pain started on her upper arm and was even unable to move. ESR was 52 and  RA  factor 260. When the symptoms became severe she  got admitted in allopathic hospital for a period of 3-4 days and took medicines. While stopping allopathic medicines the symptoms reappeared. She had severe pain after prolonged standing. Gradually the pain appeared on right knee and after 3 months,  it appeared on left knee also.

After  taking allopathic medicines the patient became edematous and her weight also increased. So she decided to take Ayurveda treatment for the same complaints as it was felt taking allopathic medicines may cause side effects. She was admitted here for a period of 28 days and explained in detail about the causes and treatments. At that time, her ESR was  52MM/HR and RA factor was 260.  She took complete course of Panchakarma therapy  like KIZHI ,VASTI ETC . After complete course of treatment the pain got decreased, RA factor  changed to 64, her walking style improved. At the time of discharge she was  advised to continue the medicines for another period of 3 months and diet chart with certain food restrictions was also advised.  After 2 months she again consulted doctor and that time RA factor was 118 but pain decreased considerably. Thereafter, after taking month long medications, her RA factor  became 20 then it decreased to 12.5.  When she felt absolutely normal since last two weeks,   she stopped taking medicines.  It was amazing, the symptoms did not appear again.


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