Ayurveda – The Best option for Thyroid Dysfunction

Blood purification for Hypothyroidism
The human body has a main carrier in the body which is blood. Blood has the job of moving oxygen around to every organ that will then expel toxins out of them. If there are too many toxins rising in the blood then the tissues, cells, and organs will start to degrade. Toxic liver, heart problems, failing kidneys are just a few of the signs of too many toxic elements in the body. Your skin may be full of pimples which is due to the impure blood. You can develop blood poisoning and septicaemia if it is left untreated, which can be fatal. It is essential to purify the blood often in order to avoid these health problems.

Natural treatment for hypothyroidism
The ayurvedic remedies used to purify your blood are used with a natural extract that comes from herbs with the lowest form of refinement so that the results are the best you can get.Guduchi or Amrit is an herb in the Ayurvedic pharmacy and is native to India. The leaves, stems, and roots are all used for healing methods. The myth states that ancient gods churned the ancient waters which created the ambrosial nectar. It was said anyone who drank it was granted immortality.Modern science has found that Guduchi is an adaptogen which is an herb that is able to create a resistance to anxiety and various illnesses. Guduchi is powerful when used in blood purification. The herb has the ability to help remove toxins from the body. The herb can help to control your uric level in your blood and helps to eliminate damaged substances from your bloodstream. Guduchi is a natural treatment so seeing any side effects is very minimal to none at all.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicines that was practised by the Indians and has been since 3000 B.C. The knowledge of these old traditional medicines has been passed down for generations and is still being used today. You may need to allow a few months to see any positive differences depending on the intensity of the problem.

Natural Ayurvedic therapies
Panachakarma Treatments mentioned in Ayurvedic manuscripts are considered to be best treatment for Hypothyroidism and Hyper Thyroidism.
• Herbal medicines: combining herbs with minerals and metals which is known as rasha shastra they can be in pellet, powders or tablet forms.
• Acupuncture which is practised by certain doctors
• Meditation
• Ayurvedic breathing exercises that help to calm the body
• Sound therapy which uses Mantras
• Using Panchakarma which is a five-action treatment which includes vomiting, and enemas which help to detoxify the body and aids in balancing your doshas which is the body’s vital energy points.
Using herbal blood purifying tablets means you can purify the blood naturally without the severe reactions and ongoing problems that prescription medication comes with. There haven’t been reports of people suffering any negative effects from taking Guduchi however it is best to seek advice from a doctor before taking the tablet in case they can interfere with other medications.It is better to try an alternative, natural medications if you can before opting for prescription medications.

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